How to Dress a Teddy Bear ?

Many of us love teddy bears and comforters. We use them to have fun or to give each other big hugs or little cuddles. Some of us cannot fall asleep without their teddy bear, to have a little tenderness. So teddy bears are an integral part of our lives. It is clearly our best friend, the ideal companion. It is also part of the toys that we find the most in a child's room. It is therefore quite normal that we want to take care of our big stuffed animal. It is thus a question of taking care of him until thinking of dressing him. Yes, it is possible to dress a teddy bear. We will tell you in this article how to do it.



Stuffed toys are often appreciated as a birth or birthday gift or even as a Christmas present. There are several that represent certain animals. So we have several stuffed animals. We can mention among others: a unicorn plush, a dog plush, a rabbit plush and a sheep plush. In addition, there is a penguin plush, a lion plush, a polar bear plush, a tiger plush. You can also find an elephant plush, a teddy bear plush and other. It is moreover this last one that we find the most.


The idea may seem strange, but it is not actually the case. Sewing a t-shirt to your cute teddy bear is not totally stupid. In fact, there are several reasons why. The first reason has to do with the love you have for your teddy bear. Indeed, a plush toy is very appreciated. It is also used to decorate a baby room. This is an important reason to dress up your teddy bear. Some people love their teddy bear so much that it is impossible for them to spend a night without it. For them, it represents a person with whole share, i.e. a person whom it is necessary to maintain. For this reason, they will not hesitate to do everything to dress him up.

The second reason to dress up your teddy bear is to care for it. In reality, the teddy bear can quickly get dirty. In order to avoid this, you can choose for example to cover him with a suit that you would have made for him. In addition, dressing your teddy bear is not difficult. You don't have to spend a lot of money to fill your teddy bear's wardrobe.

Just let your imagination run wild and you'll be able to put together a mountain of clothes for your beloved teddy bear. All you have to do is use the scraps of fabric that are lying around the house and are not needed. It's a breeze. However, you will have to master the different steps to follow during the operation. There are mainly two types of clothing to choose from: a T-shirt and seamless pajamas.



The easiest way to dress up your teddy bear is to make him a shirt. Perhaps it would be interesting to sew a handmade knit, booties, etc. This can be very simple. Indeed, in order to perform it, you just need to master a few techniques and it's done. Besides, it is a matter of steps.

First step: make the design of the T-shirt

You can't sew a t-shirt or an outfit properly without first drawing the pattern. This is the basis of the whole operation. By doing it right, you ensure that you will succeed in a large part of the sewing operation. To do this, start by taking a tape measure. With it, you will need to measure the teddy bear. Make sure you measure it correctly. Take the measurement of his torso, both in width and height. Next, you need to start by drawing the t-shirt design. Use a sheet of paper for this purpose. However, it is important to ensure that you increase the space by about 1.5 cm. This could be very useful when sewing.

After that, you need to cut the paper on which you just made the design. Then staple this paper to the fabric you want to use for the t-shirt. Using a little chalk, you will trace the edges of the paper on the fabric. If you don't like this option, there is another possibility. It consists in stapling on the fabric, the pattern drawn on the paper and cutting directly the outline. This is a very simple operation. You don't need to have a great notion in drawing or sewing to succeed. Moreover, you must do this operation twice in order to have two pieces of fabric cut out. These two pieces will then have to be put together.


Second step: how to sew the t-shirt?

In the previous step, you managed to get two pieces of fabric. These two pieces of fabric will be of great importance for the next step. Indeed, they are the ones you have to sew together to obtain your t-shirt. To do this, start by lining up these two pieces of fabric. Then pin them together so that they can be held in place. If not, it will be very difficult to sew. You may even just mess it up. Before you start to actually sew, make sure you choose the thread and place it correctly in the needle or sewing machine. Also, if you are using a sewing machine, you will need to make sure that you change the spool as well. Only then can you start sewing for real. It is important to pay attention to the stuffing.

Sewing is perhaps the easiest part in the whole operation of t-shirt making for the teddy bear. In any case, if you have done all the first steps well, sewing should be a breeze. However, you'll have to be careful not to mess it up. Just sew the two pieces of fabric together. To do this, do it from the inside (we run t-shirts from the inside). However, when doing so, be careful not to sew the hole in the head or the hole in the bottom of the shirt.

By doing so, you block all the entries of the shirt. There will be no space for the head of your teddy bear to enter. After that, you are already at the end of the operation. Now you just have to turn the shirt inside out. To finish it off nicely, you will only have to increase a few accessories and buttons. They will serve as decoration. Finish by trying the shirt on your stuffed animal. If it fits well, you have succeeded. The teddy is then beautiful.

Know that the t-shirt is not the only clothing you can design for your teddy bear. You can also dress him up with pajamas. This one is even easier to make.


A pajama can also be a very nice fashion accessory for your teddy bear. Unlike the t-shirt, you won't need to sew to get it. All you need is a scissor and an old sock. The old sock is the essential part of the whole operation. Take it and check it for damage. It is perfectly possible to buy a brand new sock or use the one you no longer wear. Either way, make sure it's not spoiled. If it is in good condition, you should now make sure it is clean. If it is not, wash it and let it dry before you start cutting. It is also important to choose a sock that looks really good. Since it will become the fabric for your teddy bear's pajamas, it will need to be pretty to look at.

After the preliminaries, you can begin the cutting process. Use a scissor and cut the sock into two equal parts. So you will have a piece with two holes and another piece with one hole. The piece with two holes will be the one you use first. This piece already has the leg hole and the head hole.

The next step will be to create the two holes where you will put the arms. To do this, you need to cut a very small hole on one side of the cut out sock. This hole will be used to put the first arm of your teddy bear through. On the opposite side, you will also need to cut a hole. Make sure this hole is the same size as the first hole. It will be used to pass the second arm of your teddy bear. Note that the two holes you just made should be reversed.

If you finish making the holes in the sock, you can now insert the teddy bear's head. Then place the two arms in the holes you just made. That's it, you have your teddy bear's pajamas. Now you have to make his night cap. To do this, there's no need to run to a store to buy one. Just use the second piece of the sock. This is the side that has only one hole. Place this side over the head of your teddy bear. This will make a very nice nightcap.

There you go, you've just made a pajama for your teddy bear without much effort. In addition, it took you very little time. Now you just have to practice it at home to see if you will succeed. You can see that it is quite easy to dress your teddy bear. However, it is important to choose the right fabric and the right threads for sewing.


In order to design a t-shirt for your teddy bear, you can choose between several types of fabric. However, some of them are more recommended than others. This is the case, for example, of felt fabric. It is the ideal fabric to design a t-shirt for your teddy bear. Its main advantage is that it does not fray so easily, especially since it is machine washable. In addition, you will not need to hem such a fabric. If you don't have felt fabric, you can also use your old clothes. This will even save you more money. As for the pajamas, you can use your old pajamas to create new ones for your teddy bear.

The most important thing is to find a material that does not tear easily. Especially if you want to have fun with your big teddy bear outside your house, such a material will be very important. This will ensure that you have a garment that can last over time. Generally speaking, the clothing that you are going to design for your teddy bear should be able to withstand wear and tear. It's not like you're going to sew him one every day. It's best to design an outfit that can be really durable.

It is also possible to design a hoodie for your teddy bear. How do you do it? It is very simple. Use a sock cut in half. Take the half that is shaped like the heel, cut it all along the line where the ankle meets the heel. Then slide this part of the sock into your giant stuffed animals. Be sure to cut holes for the teddy bear's arms to pass through. This is how you will get the hoodie. What about other materials for sewing?


The first material to choose when you want to sew a t-shirt or other garment for your teddy bear is the thread. The best thread you will use is cotton mixed with polyester. It has a significant advantage. It is very durable, especially if you have to wash the clothes of the teddy bears. Also, it is important to take into account the quality of the buttons. For easy installation and removal, you need to apply the buttons on the front or back. Also, you can put velcro on the back of the t-shirt or any other clothing of your teddy bear. This will make it easier to wear as well as remove the garment.

The use of snaps is also recommended. This is better than regular buttons. Also think about the bed of your teddy bear. You can use a shoe box that you will cover with a blanket or a folded towel. As for the socks, you can use your old socks that you will cut to the size of the teddy bears feet. Finally, if you don't like to sew or if you don't know how to sew, you can use doll clothes to dress your teddy bear. You must do all this while respecting the safety standards. This way you will be able to dress your little plushies and big teddy bears properly.

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