About Us


Kids Design The World is a boutique specializing in the sale of handcrafted plush toys. If you want to make your children happy, Kids Design The World is here to help you find the perfect stuffed animal!

Handmade toys are often devalued compared to industrially made toys. However, it is precisely the way they are made that makes them more special. Kids Design The World offers plush toys that have been made with love and passion. Our team will put all its know-how to work so that all children can find their happiness.

Kids Design The World provides you high quality and unique toys


Kids Design The World can offer you a truly amazing experience with the stuffed animals we have to offer. Just take a tour of our store and you'll find many unique stuffed animals!

Kids Design The World is not just a stuffed animal store. We want to offer beautiful stuffed animals that will become true friends for you and your children. Happiness and well-being are values that we strongly believe in and that we want to share by offering lots of plush toys to lots of people who want to please themselves or give a gift to their children.

The art of handcrafted


Handcrafted plush toys are really very special. The artisans who make them don't just follow a set protocol, they also put their hearts into them.

There are several steps to making a plush toy, and they always start with the design phase. When it comes to handmade toys, each item is slightly different from the others, even if they look the same at first glance. Unlike the industrial manufacturing process, not all toys come from the same mold. Each plush toy has its own design, which is why each model is unique. 

As for the actual manufacturing process, it is much more difficult to make plush toys with handmade tools than with industrial machines. Indeed, craftsmen have to be very meticulous to achieve the same result. However, when they give their best, their work is of much higher quality.

About the Kids Design The World Team

Our team consists of Cindy, Nora, Emma, Lisa, Francis and Fabio.

Cindy, Nora and Francis are in charge of managing the orders with the suppliers according to the customers' requests. This task is performed by three people, as it requires rigor and organization.


Emma and Lisa work in after-sales service and delivery. They accompany the customers throughout their purchase.

Fabio is the general manager of the company. His main task is to make sure that everything goes smoothly. He is in constant contact with the suppliers to make sure that no order is late.