Plush chair

A very cute plush model for babies

The chair plush, a cute gift that you can give to your baby girl or baby boy for their birthday. This is a special model that will make them fall in love, the plush chair can replace the chairs that are too hard for your child's joint and will accompany them during the period when they start to sit.Β 

Why give this plush chair to your baby?

This adorable plush chair will be your baby's ideal companion, so your little one will never feel lonely. While he sits on the plush, he can cuddle it or even fall asleep on it, so you won't need to watch him all the time, and you can quietly do your household chores. The plush chair of your baby can also be used as a decoration for his room. In order to satisfy your choice, we offer you the possibility to get a personalized plush with the animal of your choice lion, giraffe, tiger, elephant, dog... and with the color of your choice also.
Our plushies are not difficult to clean, they are easily machine washable. You can also use a simple cloth or tissue to remove dust on it.

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