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Fox Plush

A cute plush toy like no other

Here is an adorable fox plush, a perfect gift idea to please your child or your partner on their birthday. This is a pretty rare model that is very special, which is made for any gender, big or small, male or female, baby girl or baby boy, so everyone can get it.

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Why choose the fox plush instead of another one?

Just the fox's hot water bottle makes it different from others, with the pointed muzzle, the straight ears and the long tail. For the grown-ups or children who are fans of the famous Robin Hood cartoon and have always dreamed of having him as a companion at home, well, we are delighted to announce that you can now have him at home in miniature or in large size according to your preference, to decorate your room or embellish your living room. You are free to choose the model you like, as a plush toy or as a plush blanket, although the fox is often orange, we can customize your plush to the color of your choice. Our velvet plush toys do not cause allergies and are easily machine washable or wipe clean.