Giant plush

A wide selection of giant plush to enjoy for everyone

Giant plushies are the trend in terms of bear stories right now. And to get you in the mood, we've collected for you, the best choices of big teddy bears on the market. So that you can enjoy them too, or let your loved ones enjoy them. Plush animals from all over the world, trying to make a place for themselves in your home.Β 

A trend that is becoming more and more popular in the world lately

Indeed, when it comes to finding a plush animal to get, the giant plush is now the reference. A plush of 120 cm and more, of different brands and models, simply perfect to cuddle. But also an ideal choice of decoration accessories, to decorate the baby room, the child's room or the bedroom.

Obviously, to understand this craze, you must have seen the movie Ted, with the big teddy bear in the star. A talking teddy bear of imposing size, which acts as a best friend and an ideal companion for babies or adults. A plush animal that will not cause you any problems, knowing that it is machine or hand washable, without deteriorating.

However, it should also be noted that the teddy bear is not the only giant comforter that we offer. To satisfy your needs, we have a large collection of plush toys to offer you. An important range of plush animals that you can collect or particularly like.

And for that, we propose you a dinosaur plush, a giant elephant plush, giraffe, a giant rabbit plush, a giant unicorn plush. Or a giant panda plush, a horse plush, zebra, frog, bourriquet, lion king, donkey, duck, white tiger, hippo, apart from the teddy bear.

A plush collection adapted to the different needs of everyone

Everyone has their own tastes and preferences, and if some are panic at the idea of having a plush unicorn. For others, the ideal is to get a quack, an owl, a hedgehog, a panther, a husky or even a plush rabbit. Whether it is to have plush toys, or to give them as a gift to a loved one.

However, apart from the choice of plush animals, you can also determine the type of category that suits you. Between the hot water bottle plush, talking plush, interactive plush, toy plush, Disney plush or even musical plush and night light plush or musical night light. Not to mention the different colors to choose from, as well as different brands of manufacturers.

Many plush toys in new condition, which you can put in the crib, a dollhouse or on the bed. It should be noted that the interactive plush has many educational games for baby, to make it a perfect early learning toy. While the musical plush integrates a music box inside.

While for its part, the musical nightlight incorporates both LED lights, in addition to a music box. This is perfect for illuminating the baby's room at night, and decorating the nursery. But also to rock your baby boy and baby girl, when they suddenly wake up in the middle of the night, without parents around.

Collectible plushies that are easy enough to customize to your liking

Whether you want a personalized plush animal in the store or a stuffed animal that you will personalize yourself. There is certainly no lack of choice in our store, especially since it is not difficult to embellish your plushie. Sometimes all it takes is a few extra accessories and you're done.

Taking a cue from the addition of clothing, to offer a new look to your plush toy. To do this, you can opt for the addition of T-shirt, overalls, hat, shorts, apron or sweater. But you can also add different accessories, such as a stroller, car seat, bottle, bell or backpack.

However, you still have the possibility to adjust your plush cm according to your needs, by placing an order directly. And for more convenience, it is also possible to modify your plush toy, to have a perfect gift idea to offer to your loved ones. As a birth gift, birthday gift, Christmas gift and others.

The best thing about a large plush toy is that it is not only designed for cuddling, it can also be used as a pillow. And that it is soft, so many people don't hesitate to use it as a pillow. What seems to be a good use of the latter, in addition to the one already mentioned.

Teddy bears and company as an original gift

A teddy bear or bandai and minions figurines are always ranked as the best choices for emotional gifts. However, a cute giant plush animal is also a great gift to give to loved ones today. Whether it's to an adult, a baby boy or a baby girl. Especially since they can be used as games and toys for babies.

Whether we're talking about an adorable koala, turtle, polar bear, penguin, crocodile, sitting dog, cow, raccoon, or dragon plush. Opting for a big plush also helps you put your baby to sleep better when he has nightmares in the middle of the night. At least for theΒ plush animals certified according to the CE or European standards.

For more attraction, some decide to place it on a tricycle as a decoration for the room of his little one. Knowing that all children, boys and girls, love it, and can not help but fall for these games of awakening and childcare super soft and discounted.

Soft toys full of tenderness, cotton stuffing, and polyester fur, plush teddy bears as a perfect gift for his wife. A realistic best friend for baby, but also an adorable souvenir for a man. To create a surprise, giving a giant plush is the best possible solution.

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