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Bunny Plush

Make your child happy with our rabbit plush

A bunny plush or soft toy is the perfect companion for the apple of your eye. Very fashionable at the moment, we have collected this cute plush especially for you. It is made so that your child can easily grab it by its extremities. So enjoy this quality plush toy that is very pleasant to the touch.

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Why should you buy this baby plush?

Having this plush will be beneficial for your child. It will allow him to fight against separation anxiety, especially at bedtime. Given that a child chooses his plush around 6 months and separates from it around the age of 6 years, we can say that it is an important object.
Moreover, on the question of safety, we reassure you immediately that our collection follows the NF norm. The latter exists in all sizes, from the smallest 15 cm to the largest 100 cm. In most cases when we talk about rabbit plush, the most common size is 25 cm. On our site, it will be possible for you to choose a plush adapted to the size of your child.