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Bee Plush

Choose one of this cute bee plush

Are you looking for a birth gift for your baby or a birthday gift for your girlfriend? Here is a bee plush that might be of great interest to you. If you are looking for a tender and brand new plush, we suggest you to choose this new model that we present to you.

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The reasons why you should choose the bee plush

After the seal, sheep, horse, teddy bear, snow queen and all the rest, here is the brand new bee plush. The honey producing insect made of plush only to please you and bring softness in your life. The size of your plush comforter depends only on your choice, if you want it in large or small size. The plush is very soft and does not cause allergies, because it is made of velvet. It is so soft that you can fall asleep on it. A plush comforter made for baby girl or baby boy, even for grown-ups or for yourself to decorate your bedroom or living room.

To clean the dust, just use a cloth or a tissue. If you want a deeper wash, this plush is also machine washable.