Seal plush

Indulge yourself with this new plush trend

Here is a plush model that is very popular right now, the seal plush. This is a cute little plush novelty made for all those who are affectionate and love softness.

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Choose this soft seal plush to add tenderness to your life

This plush animal can only add sweetness to the daily life of whoever gets it, especially you. Not only is the seal plush tender, but it is also cute, and a very soft animal. It can be used as a pillow and make you fall asleep quickly, the most affectionate of all plush animals. A decorative object for your room or your baby's room whether it is a girl or a boy. You can choose between our large or small plush seal.

There are all possible colors in our store to make your plush animal according to your preferences, we have brown, beige, light gray, white-pink, gray-white and many others. Our plushies are not difficult to clean, just a simple cloth or a handkerchief can do the trick, they are also machine washable.