How to Wash a Plush ?

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Are all your children's stuffed animals dirty? You don't know how to wash a stuffed animal?

Don't panic! kids Design The World and its team are here to help you in your research by showing you some tips.

Soft toys and stuffed animals are undoubtedly the favorite toys of toddlers, small children and kids. However, by playing with them and leaving them everywhere, they risk getting dirty and need to be washed! Despite this, there are different techniques to know to wash a stuffed animal well.

In the middle of our article, you will discover:

  • How to wash your toddlers' stuffed animals?
  • Your little one's stuffed animals exposed to the elements in your garden.
  • How to handwash your baby's comforter?
  • The essential elements to wash a plush collection.
  • For drying: what drying method to adopt for toys?

By reading this article, you will be able to wash your children's stuffed toys without damaging them in the wash.

Anyway, without further ado, let's get to the heart of the article!



Cuddly toys and soft toys are adorable and fragile baby gifts that should be washed. Plushies are a great way to comfort your baby, offering tenderness and cuddling with a soft rhyme like the bunny or panda plushie. At LPBJ, natural methods free of endocrine disruptors are used for their cleaning. The plush animals of baby boy and baby girl are numerous: white tiger, lion, crocodile, koala and polar bear.

For the cleaning of plush and company: use a water softener

For an ideal washing of the plush in your washing machine, it would be better to choose an appropriate detergent. That said, it would be best to choose a special liquid detergent for sensitive clothes. You can add a teaspoon of fabric softener in order to obtain softness: but do not overdo it! Indeed, the overdose will tend to modify the state of their fur like becoming too sticky even heavy.

The drying process of the plush: giant plush or Liliputians

A centrifugation is essential for the plush and repeat it a second time to remove the water remaining inside the stuffing. This will greatly reduce the amount of time it takes for the lint to dry. Don't forget to take the puppets out one by one, shake them gently and arrange them in the shade. Then keep their original appearance, place the clip on a hidden spot and paint the lint with a brush.

Before starting your washing machine

Afterwards, don't put dark and light colored lint in the same pile. Put a lint in a pillowcase or a net for the protection of the plastic elements: nose, eyes. Regarding the clothing program, choose synthetic clothing with a temperature of 30 degrees.

Take the time to check the condition of the lint

Most of the stuffed animals in the baby room: kangaroo plush, tiger plush, giraffe plush are filled with sawdust and polystyrene. That's why you should avoid putting them in the unit, except for those made of sponge or fabric. Avoid stuffing by securing loose buttons with thread and needle.



Your children may have left their toys and games outside, or it may be a lost teddy bear. For example: a cat comforter, a dog comforter, a stuffed tiger that doudou shop and Baby nat stores sell.

You can find crumbs, debris and also several pebbles in a plush toy given as a birth gift.

Furthermore, adopt a hand wash first and search with your fingers, for stones inside the stuffing.

A great detergent scent: lavender essential oil

In a container, add baking soda in addition to drops of lemon juice or vinegar. After sterilizing the plush, followed by a superficial rinse, you can finally proceed to machine washing. It is also recommended that lavender essential oil be added to the detergent to provide a fragrance and antiseptic to the plush puppet. Educational, these toys can be a hippopotamus, a seal, a monkey, a dinosaur, a raccoon or a cow etc., in a stroller or as a key ring.

Other recommendations for your cute machine washable plush

Blue bunny, pink bunny, cuddly cat, minions or the kiki plush: forget the agitator!

Stuffed animals are similar to pillows, their best machine washing is done without the presence of an agitator. Otherwise with a top-loading machine, a heavy load is possible and washing in the laundry. Washing with an agitator causes the animal to ball up, because the agitator causes the stuffing to move.

Find a mesh laundry bag to put your baby's stuffed animal in

Indeed, if your stuffed animal is washable then put it in a mesh laundry bag. The mesh bag helps protect it from snags and bumps in the machine. When washing stuffed toys, choose the gentle cycle, as they will not withstand an aggressive wash. The heat of the dryer will dissolve the glued or plastic parts of the Disney, flamingo or fox plush.


The steps to follow to wash the small plush and the giant plush by hand

There are different stuffed animals such as interactive plush, musical plush to put baby to sleep, plush hot water bottle and night light plush. About hand washing, it only concerns: older or more fragile stuffed animals. These steps are: soaking in water and adding detergent and then hand washing, rinsing and drying.

Soak the monkey or other plush in the bucket with detergent for 15 minutes
First, you should immerse the stuffed animal in a bucket filled with cold water. Whether it is panda plush, teddy plush, fox plush, lion plush or Disney plush, do not hesitate. After that, pour mild detergent in small amount on the baby plush.

Hand washing, rinsing and drying

In order to saturate the stuffed animal completely with detergent, press it gently. Do not rub the old lint intensely, as their strings may become loose or the fabric may be worn out. In the bucket or sink, put cold water and introduce the lint inside and then rinse the detergent. Then, roll the stuffed animal in a clean towel and air dry it to remove the moisture.


To proceed with the washing of the plush collection, the little mary or the snow queen, three things are essential.

You will need a space with enough water to fully immerse the toy: a large bucket or sink.

A detergent like Soak and a teaspoon to a tablespoon of detergent per gallon of Wirecutter water.

Use a towel that is both clean and dry and wrap it around the Barbapapa, mole or stuffed duck you have.

The dirt on the stuffed animal won't go away so what can you do?

A very dirty teddy bear, gives you a hard time, so add a wash booster. We have for example: OxiClean for dirt or a product like Zout for protein stains. However, before using these various treatments, test them because the coat may not react well to the chemicals. To clean Teddy Bear's coat, a long-bristled brush would be ideal, such as a dog or cat brush.

An ideal companion for cleaning blood from animal fur: starch

Nowadays, starch is still used in cleaning delicate fabrics. It is very well known for its excellent power as a cleaner and especially for blood stains. To obtain your own starch, you can use cornstarch. However, if there are still stains from the starch on the plush, you only need to rub it with the moistened paste.

The comforter starts to look grey and the stain persists

For this method, you would need a Marseille soap and patience. Wet the corner of the soap bar and rub the spot. Let it sit for a little while and go over the stain a few times. When the stain is gone, moisten a washcloth and rub the soapy spot on the lint several times.

For drying: how should toys be dried?

Once the washing is done, take out the bag and you can hang the bunny or the doggie or the panther. For this, a hanger with a child's clip or S-hooks will be very useful. In addition, when air drying, use a hair dryer to give volume to your teddy bear. The clips as mentioned before should be hidden.

To wash a teddy bear, it is therefore very important to have some special techniques. As in the way to wash the plush of toddlers and especially if they are left outside. However, there are some stuffed animals that need to be washed by hand and not in the machine. In addition, do not forget the necessary elements for a good washing and also that drying is an important step.


So, to wash the plush, there are particular techniques that will be very useful. Among them, how to wash the plush animals of the smallest but also when they are left outside. On the other hand, other plush animals should be washed by hand and not in the washing machine.

In addition, there are certain elements that are essential for an excellent wash and the drying stage should not be neglected.

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