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Reversible Plush

A collection of reversible plush very trendy and super original

Very fashionable at the moment, we propose you today this very soft model which is declined in several shapes and colors. This trendy plush is called reversible plush because it changes face. This plush is also nicknamed "happy not happy. It can be a toy for adults, but also for baby boy or baby girl.

The advantages of having a reversible plush

Indeed, there are some various reasons why you should have this plush. For adults, it is a toy with which they can express their emotions. You just have to flip the toy and you will be able to get two different plushies. This one can have a face that expresses joy or smile, while on the second one, it will have an angry face.

It also offers you the advantage of having a plush that varies between two colors. By giving this toy to your children, they will be able to recognize how they feel at any time of the day. The reversible plush can also help them channel their anger. This way, your kids will be able to avoid getting carried away by using their plush animal to express their mood.