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The 4 Packs Offered 🧸 πŸ“–

We offer the 4 packs for free to all our news customers. You will receive our offers by email for one order in the plush shop.

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Teddy Bear

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  • There are many reasons why many of our customers trust in us!

    First, you can access our entire catalog of plush directly from our website. We wanted to make the purchase of our plushies accessible to everyone. This is why we opened our online plush stor! Now you can discover our selection with all our plushies!

    Our plushies have taken several years to develop their design. The time that has been spent to create our toys guarantees you beautiful and quality plushies for a lifetime of use! We also propose a free shipping with no minimum purchase.

    If you want to know more about our company and our team, we invite you to click just below:

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Unicorn Plush

  • Hannah


    Fabulous items. Adorable and soft and of good quality. 😍

  • Paige


    Great dog. The children are satisfied

  • Amelia


    I have already ordered for the second time and everyone is satisfied !

  • Jenna


    Soft, pleasant to the touch. Just like the picture

  • Rachel


    Beautiful, I love it! πŸ™‚

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Reversible Plush

  • Kids Design The World is in collaboration with several partners and reference sites that promote our store.

    We also contribute to the well-being of our society by offering donations to several charities for a better environment, animal protection and also for children's education. We help these charities with a wide range of projects, from supporting pollution control to helping poor children get access to schools, and much more.

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The giant plush is the best friend of the family !

Looking for a giant plush? Then discover our collection of plush toys for children and adults!

The giant plush is a must-have for all bear story lovers. Full of tenderness and easy to cuddle, it is perfect for babies as well as adults. Moreover, a large plush is also a wonderful first birthday gift. It is one of the best toys for a child's room. And, it’s also an ideal present for a loved one on an occasion.

Moreover, the beautiful giant plush serves as a best friend to the little ones. Ultra-soft, it is the ideal companion and can also become a comfortable pillow for sleeping. 🐻 😴

See our Giant Plushies
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  • Plush toys are often referred to as "cuddly toys" and come in many shapes. The teddy bear, the lion plush, the horse plush and the cow plush are particularly popular.

    The plush toy is considered the ideal companion for both babies, children and adults. Soft and cuddly, the plush can have several uses besides the role of companion. Animal plush can also be used to teach a child to recognize animals in nature. Moreover, they are among the best plush toys for children's room.


Discover our different animal plush toys

Note also that our animal plush is made in many models. We offer you soft toys representing the different animals of the forest. Therefore, you can choose between the bear plush, the dog plush, the elephant plush, the cat plush, etc.

Whatever your preference or those of your child is, you will find what you need in our exclusive plush animal collection!

See our Animals Plushies
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  • Our special offer of the week 🎁

    We love giving gifts of our new plushies!

    Our special offers start at $20 for each order with free shipping. Your gift will be add in your package.


Plush toys for all children

We have a wonderful collection of plush toys for all children.

You will be able to discover our selection of plush toys for your kids with animal plushies, fantasy plushies and much more!

Why buy our Plushies at Kids Design The World ?

At Kids Design The World, you can enjoy many benefits.

First of all, all our plushies are delivered worldwide for free. There are no shipping charges.

On the other hand, at Kids Design The World, your purchases
will be made easier. Indeed, you can buy your plush directly from our online shop. You have access our entire range of articles. Once you've found your plush, all you have to do is order from your home and wait for your toys to arrive.

Our customer support team is available 24 hours a day.

Don't hesitate to tell us about your needs. Our team is at your disposal to answer any question you may have.

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