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Welcome to Kids Design The World ! Discover in our store several models of plush exclusively designed for children. All our plushies are delivered for free and in complete safety.

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Kids Design The World contributes to the well-being of our society by offering donations to several charities for a better environment, animal protection and also for children's education. We help these charities with a wide range of projects, from supporting pollution control to helping poor children get access to schools, and much more!

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Fabulous items. Adorable and soft and of good quality. 😍



Soft, pleasant to the touch. Just like the picture :)



A very good quality. My kids love it.



I have already ordered for the second time and everyone is satisfied !



Everything arrived in excellent condition! Thank you so much!!!


The Plush : A great companion for kids and adults

Plush toys are often made of rag, pure cotton or even fur, often in the shape of an animal. Plush toys are often referred to as "cuddly toys" and come in many shapes. The kangaroo plush, the teddy bear, the lion plush, the horse plush and the cow plush are particularly popular.

The plush toy is considered the ideal companion for both babies and adults. Soft and cuddly, the plush can have several uses besides the role of companion of misfortune. Animal plush toys can also be used to teach a child to recognize animals in nature. Moreover, they are among the best plush toys in the category games and toys for children's room.

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The giant plush is your best friend!

Looking for a giant cuddly toy? Then discover our collection of plush toys for children and adults!

The giant plush is a must-have for all bear story lovers. Full of tenderness and easy to cuddle, it is perfect for babies as well as adults. Moreover, a large plush is also a wonderful first birthday gift. It is one of the best
toys for a child's room. It’s an ideal present for a loved one on the occasion of a baptism.

Moreover, the beautiful giant plush serves as a best friend to the little ones and charms by its softness. Ultra-soft, it is the ideal companion and can also become a comfortable pillow for sleeping. As you can see, big teddy bears with big eyes are a must-have on any baby gift list.

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Discover our different kinds of animal plush toys

Note also that the giant stuffed animal is made in many models. We offer you soft toys representing the different animals of the forest. Therefore, you can choose between the bear plush, the dog plush, the elephant plush, the cat plush, etc. As beautiful as the horse stuffed animals, the little girls will certainly love the fantasy unicorn plush.

Whatever your preference or those of your child is, you will find what you need in our exclusive plush collection!

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The usefulness and longevity of our soft toys

Apart from that, science has developed interactive plushies that can talk, brightening up our little babies. Today, these baby plush toys are winning the hearts of children even more than the classic dolls we used to know.

It is also a question of longevity. Indeed, an animal plush that is well cared for by its owner can last for decades. It's also important to note that stuffed animals are among the most appreciated gifts. In fact, some people who are very attached to the big stuffed animal still keep their stuffed animal as a comfort or as a pillow.

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Why buy our Plushes at Kids Design The World?

At Kids Design The World, you can enjoy many benefits.

First of all, all our plushes are delivered worldwide for free. There are no shipping charges. Since many of you have children who would like to receive a stuffed animal each, we offer a free 25% discount coupon for the second plush. The discount will be automatically activated on your cart during the checkout process.

On the other hand, know that at Kids Design The World, your purchases
will be made easier. Indeed, you can buy your plush directly online.
From our store, you will be able to access our entire range of
articles. Cuddly toys of various colors and shapes are waiting
for you. Once you've found your stuffed animal, all you have to do is
order it.

Our customer support team is available 24 hours a day!

Don't hesitate to tell us about your needs. Our team is at your disposal to answer any question you may have.

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