Plush backpack

The perfect backpack for your little ones to go back to school

Need back to school tips? Here is the plush backpack you can buy for your kids, a cute bag that serves both to store their supplies and also to serve as a comforter to accompany them when they are at school.

What are the advantages of the plush backpack?

You have a wide range of choices for the plush animal you want for your child's backpack, you can choose from lion, sheep, giraffe, owl, hippo, panda, koala, or Disney plush animals such as snow queen, cinderella, etc. There is also the possibility of making a personalized plush backpack with the initial of your child's name glued on it for example.

Our plush backpacks are made of velvet and come in large and small sizes with various colors. Your child will never feel lonely during the school year, because his cute stuffed bag will always be with him on his back. There is no need to wash it in the washing machine every week, as the fabric of these backpacks only needs to be cleaned with a soft cloth or tissue.

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