Pig Plush

A soft plush for a better cuddle

Here's a soft plush for anyone who loves to cuddle. The cute pig plush designed to add tenderness in your daily life. It is also the kind of birth gift that can be given to the newborn or also to the small babies of the first age to accompany them in their cradle.

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Why choose this piggy plush?

It was made with the softest of all fabrics to give you a soft feeling when you touch it. The pig plush is a hit with kids and adults alike with its cute hot water bottle and its beckoning look. This plush can decorate your room or your baby's room, you can also order a pig plush for pillow, nothing softer to fall asleep.

Besides our already designed models, we offer you the possibility to get a personalized plush according to your choice, in the size and color that will suit you best. For cleaning purposes, these plushies are machine washable and can be wiped with a simple cloth or tissue.