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Dog Plush

The most adorable of all plush toys

You are probably wondering what kind of plush toy it is. We present you the dog plush, a marvel that everyone dreams of having in his possession. Since this plush model is very standardized, you are free to offer it to all categories of people, from the biggest to the smallest, and for that matter to yourself.

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Why would you want to choose the dog plush?

It is said that the dog is man's best friend, so this dog plush will be your ideal companion when you feel lonely or need affection. The dog plush is favorable for all those who love to cuddle, especially for babies, it will help them to fall asleep easily. We give you the possibility to personalize your plush according to the breed of dog of your choice, in big or small size and in the color you want. This plush is made of velvet and will not cause allergies to those who buy it. For all the cleaning, you have nothing to worry about, because these plush are easily machine washable, if it's just to remove dust, a tissue or a soft cloth will do.