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Pink Octopus Plush

Pink Octopus Plush
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To introduce your child to love, attachment and responsibility, start by buying her a stuffed animal. This pink plush octopus is an ideal alternative to ordinary animal plush toys for baby girl's development.

  • Size: 30 - 60 cm
  • Composition: cotton
  • Color: pink
  • Category: animals
  • Safe for all ages
  • Free shipping

Adorable plush toy that cares for your baby to cuddle and use as a pillow

This pink plush octopus stands out because of its color. Pink is ideal to welcome your child into this world. A very attractive color also to decorate the baby room and give him the comfort and serenity he needs to grow.

This little pink plush is also very appreciated to comfort baby in his moments of discomfort (teething, slight fever ...). This plush is the ideal companion to reassure your baby and remind him that he is not alone.

This baby blanket is also ideal for playing and for cuddling sessions.

Washable, good quality and adorable comforter to comfort your baby during his lonely moments

This soft plush toy also stands out for its quality. This plush toy is soft to the touch. Thanks to its size, your baby will love to snuggle between the tentacles. The head can be used as a pillow without any worries. Comfort is well offered by this baby comforter.

Easy to maintain too. This interactive plush can be washed in the machine. It also dries very quickly by hanging it in the dryer.

Lightweight, this cute baby blanket can be carried everywhere. It can be easily stored in a drawer or closet. Your child's room will stay tidy with this model. Thanks to the suction cup that comes with it, this plush can be easily attached to walls or windows in the house.


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