Giraffe Plush

A giraffe plush to cuddle and cajole

Check out our line of breathtaking giraffe plushies. This animal has a huge neck that will make you feel taller looking at it. As you play with our plush giraffe, you'll love playing with his head.

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All about giraffe plushΒ 

The plush giraffeΒ will be your baby's best friend. It is also a safe and effective way to teach your baby about this endemic and exceptional breed. This toy will accompany your child in his everyday life. By hugging and cuddling his giraffe plush, he will never lack for love and comfort.

The particularities of a giraffe plush

The giraffe plushΒ is the base of any baby's room. It will make her a realΒ savanna! It's very practical and will keep your child entertained with all kinds of intrigue. Soft, silky and stuffed, the giraffe plush is very pleasant to touch. It will be both a faithful confidant and playmate as well as a super charming decorative touch. Just like a real giraffe, its long legs are able to fold up! Thanks to its warmth, its affectionate face and its tender body, the plush giraffe will particularly attract your child. He will be fascinated by his best friend who calls for confidences and cuddles. With its fabric composition, the stuffed animal is a real odor sponge! Whether it's the smell of the house, the perfume of mom or others. In fact, it soaks itself in and comforts your little one who hugs it close to his heart.

A super tender and funny giraffe plush hot water bottle will offer to the little one a moment of soothing warmth thanks to its soft fur. Most often, the plush hot water bottle is made of lavender flowers and wheat grains that radiate warmth. You don't even need to add water, as it heats up in the microwave in just two minutes. Plus, even adults can use it to relieve everyday aches and pains. This plush will soothe young and old alike during naptime and bedtime.

Which giraffe plush to choose?

The giraffe plush is an excellent gift to give to your little one or to a friend's baby. Particularly loved by babies, the giraffe plush is simply a good choice, whatever the age of the little one. It can really contribute to a child's development on a daily basis.

Sophie the giraffe inspired plush


Sophie the giraffe is the cult and timeless plush for over 50 years. She quickly became essential to the awakening of babies. She will develop all her senses. Thanks to its 100% natural rubber substance, its exceptional sweet smell is ideal to soothe them. The contrast of the spots captivates the eyes of the little one. That's why he's gradually coming to see the giraffe plush as a real member of the family.

Several models inspired by Sophie the giraffe exist today. They meet the expectations of all children. One can find very realistic plushies, as well as very whimsical, even unusual models. Some have a long neck like a real giraffe, others just imitate the colors of the animal and allow themselves a big head. These plushies are usually small, but you can also find xxl versions.

The big giraffe plushΒ 

The large giraffeΒ plush is perfect for decoration or to put in the playpen of your baby's love. This giant plush can even stand on its own two feet. It will offer a mountain of comfort and tenderness to your child. Indeed, it can receive unlimited hugs and cuddles. She is extraordinarily soft with a coat as silky as velvet.

Don't forget that the giraffe xxl plush is machine washable. However, it is best to wash it by hand to maximize the longevity of the stuffing. But also, the classic hand wash allows to keep more precautions. This giant giraffe plush is perfect for all family members. You will spend magical and unforgettable moments thanks to this plush with tenderness for sale!

There are countless initiatives to stop the decline of giraffes. Consider that this endangered Masai giraffe has lost 97% of its population in nearly 35 years. These numbers are practically a massacre when it comes to a breed and its genes. Keep in mind that every time you purchase an adorableΒ giraffe plush, you are expressly helping to conserve this species.

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