Why give a stuffed animal to your cat ?

You thought that the adorableย cuddly toysย were only reserved for humans? Well, think again! Cats also have everything to gain by having their own stuffed animals! That's what animal welfare specialists say. Behaviorists who specialize in studying our little felines are unanimous: cats love stuffed animals, and it is recommended to give them one. But why do cats love cuddly toys so much? To satisfy your curiosity, we provide you with three good reasons to offer a plush to your cat today!

Plush toys for cats: a real anti-stress


We talk a lot about the smell of dogs, and we almost forget that cats also have anย extraordinary senseย of smell! Indeed, for cats, the world of fragrances constitutes a kind of dimension in its own right through which they apprehend the world. For a cat, some smells worry him: the scent of a rival cat, an animal identified as dangerous, or any strange incense. But some smells reassure. The fragrance of its owner, the scent of its favorite food, and its aromas spread everywhere, which we call "pheromones."ย 

Theย stuffed animalย thus offers the cat a choice object to deposit its pheromones. Therefore, each time he approaches his plush, the smell he smells will fill him with serenity. This plush will be a great comfort during stressful moments, such as the owner's outings or car trips. To learn more about small cats and cat accessories, visit Chatsmoureux.fr: the magazine for cat lovers!

Plush toys for cats, an excellent game for our pets


Cuddly toys are one of the favorite toys of our smallย domestic felines. For your cat, choose a small plush; why not in the shape of a mouse? Throw it around the room and wait for your cat to get used to it.

Cats are particularlyย fond of toys that stimulate their hunting instincts. Your cat will surely be pleased by choosing a stuffed toy prey. Toys are essential for cats, especially apartment cats. Your pets are easily bored when you are out and about or asleep. To prevent this boredom from causing psychological distress in our cats, offering them a plush toy is a solution!

A plush toy to prevent your cat from gaining weight

One of the plagues affecting more cats in apartments is the overweight cat. Being overweight or evenย obese in domesticย cats is due to a diet that is too rich and a lack of physical exercise. Indeed, an indoor cat often has much less opportunity to expend its calories than a cat with access to the outdoors.

Play is still an excellent solution to prevent your cat from gaining too much weight. For example, having your cat run after aย stuffed mouseย seems to be a perfect slimming program!

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