What Gift for the one Year of a Baby ?

Don't know what gift to choose for a baby's 1st birthday? Would you like to have some ideas of perfect gifts for your little one's birthday?

Don't worry! Plush Boutiques will give you tips and ideas for perfect gifts for this special occasion!

It's not always easy to find gifts for your one year old. However, this is a very special occasion and there are many gifts that are ideal for your toddler. Most importantly, the baby should like what you are giving and it should be safe for them. Otherwise, there are toys that develop their curiosity or you choose clothes or pictures, etc.

In the following article we will find out:

  • How to choose the perfect gift for a 1-year-old baby?
  • Great gift ideas for your children's first birthdays.

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    The favorite gift for 1 year olds is related to their skills and those that make them happy. However, a remote control car or a Barbie doll are not easy toys for little ones. Also, it is best to avoid giving them small toys that can hurt or harm the child.


    It can be difficult to find a suitable gift for a one year old at first glance. However, it's not that complicated and we'll give you some great ideas. At this age, children love to discover new things inside and out like shapes and materials. Apart from that, they love interlocking objects as well as various rhymes and they love to imitate.


    Different kinds of building blocks

    Building blocks: the perfect game for your kids

    Apparently, the building block is still a great game that offers unlimited exploration possibilities for little ones. First, the blocks are thrown and placed in containers and then combined and used in the construction of buildings. The other advantage of these blocks is that they grow with the child. Whether it's for toddlers from nine months to younger children, it's always fun to play.

    The brick and construction kit: very famous among children

    Among the bricks, Lego bricks are a favorite among children. However, they are not recommended for smaller children, as they may swallow the pieces. This wonderful kit consists of 100 colorful pieces with various shapes. Even at the age of 4, your child will not stop using this kit.

    Rope, pull and push toys

    First of all: string shapes

    This is a favorite gift for children around one year old. In fact, there are many versions for these shapes that are to be glued into the relative holes. For example, the most beautiful wooden ones are from Selecta. They allow to exercise the coordination of the eye and the hand and increase their intelligence and their intuition.

    Pull toys

    You can give your child a toy attached to a string so that he can pull it and explore his environment. It could be a small animal or a car, etc. The most important thing is to supervise your child while he or she is playing with the ropes.

    Push toys: push carts and a Carino

    A push cart

    From the age of 1, children start to walk. Therefore, they will be encouraged to perform motor skills exercises. It is quite true that a push cart is a very useful gift for your child who is learning to walk. You'd be amazed yourself, seeing him walking around the house while pushing the cart.

    The truck or carrier plane

    It used to be called a Carino and these funny little cars are quite adorable for babies. Children will use them for a long time to come. For Disney fans, there are planes in tribute to Planes or cars from the Cars series.

    Musical toys

    Musical instruments

    Children generally enjoy the music that comes from musical instruments. The taste of novelty and the exploration of sounds and noises attract them. In addition, they influence the coordination of their hand with their eye when children start to play. In addition, little ones will learn that when they hit the hammer on the xylophone, a sound comes out.

    The Clementoni or Mickey-Pad

    In fact, it's a talking tablet designed for young children, in addition to Disney characters. Songs as well as sound and light effects appear when the little boy presses the buttons. In all, there are 9 large buttons for learning numbers, letters and even shapes and English. It is available on Amazon at a reduced price.

    Chicco Talking Farm

    It is very suitable for children from 12 months and includes 2 levels of volume. Then, two different languages which are Italian and English. The child will have the opportunity to learn the name and also the color and sound of several small animals. It also teaches numbers, the alphabet, several ditties, etc.

    The Clementoni singing board is very educational

    A child with a pen or paint or pencil in his hands, you can expect him to draw everywhere. The Clementoni chalkboard is a great birthday gift. It is full of interesting activities because he talks and learns numbers, letters and also the first words in English.

    The world of stuffed animals

    The talking dog from Fisher-Price

    Until now, stuffed toys have been a child's best friend. They usually talk to them, play with them and then fall asleep next to them. Fisher Price has made an adorable toy for children and ideal as a first birthday gift: the talking dog. It has over 50 songs, melodies and phrases memorized.

    Giant stuffed animals for your baby to rest

    Babies love giant stuffed animals because they can play with them, lie on them comfortably, and use them as a friend. Some giant stuffed animals are more suitable for children than others, such as this giant elephant blanket. We know that they are becoming more and more popular, you can't go wrong by choosing a big comforter.

    Incredible: Bath toys are still all the rage

    Toys that float and don't sink

    Indeed, with children, bath toys are still in vogue. Children love to bathe and play in the water, while moms sit by the tub. For their safety, opt for objects that stay on the water and not those that sink.

    A beach set

    This is a practical gift for children at the seaside and an accessory not to be neglected for the sessions at the park. It allows to have a good time in the pebbles or to let your imagination run free during the bath. Currently, Disney or Patrol versions also exist.

    Books for children

    Tactile books stimulate their intellectual faculties and their creativity

    Children discover the world around them through sounds, colors and different sensations. In this respect, cloth books open the door to an imaginary world like fairy tales. Mom and Dad can introduce reading to their toddlers and read them a story before bedtime. The beautiful illustrations and colors add clarity and understanding to the story told in the book.

    Fisher Price Songbook

    It's hard to think of a better Christmas gift for children and also a first birthday gift. The little boy who discovers this book with its beautiful melodies on his birthday will never be able to get rid of it. The side buttons teach the alphabet, as well as numbers and shapes. It's an educational and yet fun gift for children from 6 to 36 months.


    Toddler book

    Gifts with beautiful pictures

    Create a personalized family tree painting
    A special photo is still very original as a gift for your child's first birthday. The photo is personalized and is made only by hand. Then, using a marker, the child's parents write the names of the family members. As for the child, he or she will still be able to enjoy the photo of their family in a colorful tree.

    A personalized photo frame for a 1 year old child

    Nowadays, with smartphones, we can get many photos every month. For the first birthday gift of your child, a beautiful frame with the inscriptions "My first year" is very good. In which you can insert 12 photos, which are related to each festive month of the year. Besides that, it can be used as a baptism gift too.

    Linens or textiles for children

    Disguises: all children love to dress up

    Another idea that you didn't usually think of: a costume. There are all kinds of disguises: a long cape, a mask, a magic hat or a pair of wings. Children of this age like to play other characters and therefore love to dress up and it's fun too.

    Baby disguise

    Linen embroidered with his name

    When our children were born, we were given towels embroidered with their first names: a personalized and practical gift. Other linens such as bath capes or bathrobes can also be embroidered. In addition, we can add the most essential items: towels, bibs, blankets, etc.

    The talking mat for your little ones

    A great game that encourages children to use their hands and feet with fun and sweet melodies. The mat is easily portable and features 9 flashing lights plus 5 background tunes. With three levels of difficulty, you can assess your child's progress while having fun and learning. It proves to be a useful gift for both parents and child. You can find different mats for children on the website: Mon Petit Tapis.

    Toys outside the house

    The very resistant baby house with a dimension 102x109x90 cm

    During your child's first steps, you would have noticed a certain curiosity in him. After a few months, he will need a play area to share with mom and dad. The children's house is a good gift for his first birthday and it is weatherproof. If you want to be a little more original, instead of giving him a little house, you can give him a child's teepee.

    The modular tunnel: a gift for adventurous kids

    Children's imaginations grow as they explore their surroundings. All that's missing is a piece of cardboard or a strangely shaped object to create another world. This other magical world is made up of several characters and adventures. To enhance his creativity, a modular tunnel will be very useful as a gift for his first birthday.

    An activity garden for your little ones

    Children expend a lot of energy, but seem to be inexhaustible. They run, jump, and talk without stopping and with great vivacity. The activity garden seems to be suitable as a gift for children from 9 months to 4 years. It also consists of various courses and many games for the development of motor skills.



    Projector lamp with music for the night

    Almost every mom has already used this lamp for their one year old child. It is a lamp with 3 interchangeable domes with different themes. You would then have the option of turning the projector into a beautiful yellow light night light or other. It also comes with 12 soothing tunes to put the baby to sleep like a music box.

    Your baby's first steps with the baby scooter

    The tricycle is considered one of the favorite toys of girls and boys of older generations. It never goes out of fashion because it helps children to perfect their first steps. It improves their motor skills and strengthens their leg muscles. Clementoni has made Valentino, a scooter for the first steps of the little one and it is also an excellent gift for his first birthday.

    The puppet theater: a special gift

    Children or the youngest ones love the puppet theater, it's a great gift. Using three puppets, you can perform the scene from the story of Little Red Riding Hood at home. You can also make up many stories created from imagination.

    Hasbro play dough: a classic birthday gift

    A play dough is very soft and is very popular with children. The other good thing is that the child can create as many new figures as he wants. While having fun, he can also learn new shapes like the rectangle or the circle, etc. On the other hand, even stored in its boxes, it does not dry out and is always moldable.

    The first interactive potty for your 12 month old baby

    Fisher Price has made a very useful tool for toddlers. It is a realistic potty with 2 modes of use. It was made to encourage your child's transition from potty to toilet for big boys. With its realistic side, it is also interactive with 5 cute phrases and 2 different music to reward the child. Not to mention it has a toilet paper roll holder and runs on 3 AA batteries.

    A pair of shoes and slippers dedicated to the baby

    As useful gifts for the baby, a nice pair of shoes would be perfect but choose carefully. When the time comes for baby to take his first steps, give him his first pair of shoes. Don't forget to combine it with very soft soles! Otherwise, in winter, a pair of small leather slippers would be very practical.

    Puzzles: gifts that require patience and practice

    Indeed, here we are not talking about cardboard puzzles with many pieces. Your child will love wooden puzzles with many shapes. These shapes can be animals, household objects or even geometric shapes. It's normal for him to get angry when he can't fit the triangle into the circle.

    Toys for imitating grown-ups

    In reality, imitation games begin at one year for the baby. Your baby will watch everything you do and copy your gestures down to the smallest detail. He will love toys such as a small workbench or a kitchenette, or even a dinette and a telephone... Make sure that the toy is for his age, because small parts are dangerous.

    The rocking horse: every child dreams of it

    Boys or girls love the rocking horse: it is a wonderful gift for the child's first birthday. The rocking horse is also a gift that brings back distant memories. This toy is made with a solid wooden frame and equipped with an anti-tilt protection system.

    The balloon: an original and classic gift

    If you were looking for a classic toy as a gift idea for your one year old, the balloon is the answer. Exciting, original and simple, this is the gift for you.

    The balloon allows them to have fun with friends or by themselves, with multiple play possibilities. For example, they can throw the ball, catch it or bite it but also sit on it.

    Cooking for your baby

    For the mom of the little one who is about to celebrate his first birthday, you can switch to cooking mode for this time. There are many hearty and easy recipes available in books or online. Alternatively, you can also make a birthday cake at home.

    We're sure you now have all the tools you need to make a young child happy.


    Between building sets, stuffed animals, classic play dough and balloons! There are plenty of gift ideas for your baby girl or baby boy.

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