Unicorn Pixel Art

Unicorn pixel art is very popular on the web. If you want to know what are the most popular unicorn pixels of the moment, this article is for you.

The unicorn is a particularly adorable animal. The pixel art featuring it should be just as adorable.

In this article, you will discover:

  • Top 20 best unicorn pixel art
  • 3 bonus Pixel Unicorns

Without further ado, let's discover the best unicorn pixels of the moment.

Top 20 best unicorn pixel art

  • This unicorn looking at you from the front is very cute and very successful. Even though the drawing is made of pixels, you can see all the parts of the animal's body in addition to the many details.


  • This pixel art may seem a bit square at first. Nevertheless, we can observe a judicious use of colors.Β  The rainbow hair of the unicorn is clearly visible. A real work of art in pixel.


  • Here, the pixel art shows us two halves of unicorn. We can only see the upper part of the animal. We note a very ingenious design, because the unicorn on the right is exactly the opposite of the one on the left.Β 
  • In this pixel art, the colorful hair of the unicorn catches our attention immediately. We can see colors that go very gradually from purple to red, through the entire spectrum of the rainbow. And all this with pixels.pixel-art-chevelure-colour-of-licorn
  • This pixel art is quite abstract. You have to concentrate a bit to distinguish the unicorns. But that's where the artistic side of it lies.pixel-art-abstract
  • This cute unicorn in profile view will not leave anyone indifferent. These beautiful colors make it a work of art in its own right. It's hard to make it as simple, but as good as this image with only pixels.cute-unicorn
  • Here we are facing two white unicorns in three-quarter view doing a dab. The author of this pixel art has tried to give depth to his drawing, because we can distinguish shadows. The drawing is not obvious to understand, even if it remains very beautiful.pixel-art-licorn-who-makes-a-dabΒ  Β 
  • This pixel art representing a pink unicorn is simply beautiful. The blue wings of the animal create a striking contrast. This way of playing with colors makes this pixel art very original.pixel-art-that-represents-pink-unicorn
  • This pixel art, very detailed, surely required a lot of work. We can see three unicorns gamboling happily in front of a pink starry sky. The author even drew grass and clouds. This is a beautiful piece of art.sky-pink-starred
  • If you like cute things, you won't be able to resist this pixel art. The drawing represents a unicorn that seems to meditate by making circular movements with its arms. Here, no colored hair. Instead, a kind of halo made of several colored circles.tips
  • The pink starry background transports us to a completely different universe. The unicorn head that we see on the right has been very well worked. Indeed, it is very realistic. But the most striking is undoubtedly the horn that proudly displays several colors.pink-starred background
  • The big eyes of this unicorn make it particularly cute. It's hard to remain indifferent to such tenderness. The way the animal is sitting makes it even cuter. In short, this is a very nice pixel art.
  • The unicorn we see here shows us a move we know too well: the dab. This pixel art is just too cool. No one would have imagined that a unicorn could do this.pixel-art-simply-too-cool
  • This pixel art will especially delight people who have tastes that are a bit out of the ordinary. It shows a unicorn cat throwing up a rainbow. A bit weird, but very original and beautiful work.original-very nice
  • This unicorn cat, with its tail and its very colorful hair, seems to want to make fun of you. Indeed, the animal closes its eyes with a mocking air while vomiting a rainbow. But how can you blame him considering how cute he is.unicorn-cat-tail-hair-color
  • Unicorn pixel art is very popular. But the one we present here is really something special. The drawing shows us a cat unicorn happily frolicking. The pixel art is quite minimalist, but manages to clearly express that happy feeling.pixel-art-licorn-very-popular
  • Cats and unicorns are very cute animals. So, imagine a mix between the two! That's exactly what this pixel art presents to us. But moreover, the animal is colored in the way of a rainbow.unicorn-animals-cute
  • Unicorns and rainbows often go together. This pixel art shows us both with a certain level of detail. Indeed, we are facing a very colorful drawing. The hearts at the bottom of the image make it even more beautiful.unicorn-rainbow
  • The two unicorns that we see in this pixel art express a situation that we have surely already faced. The unicorn on the left seems to be ironically running away from her companion on the right. Too cute a scene!
  • This galloping unicorn is very impressive. It's hard to bring out so much emotion in a pixel art. The drawing is so beautiful that one could spend hours admiring it.

3 bonus Pixel Unicorns

The last three pixel art that we present here are simply beautiful. The common point between them: very rich and very pronounced colors. Moreover, the unicorns are presented in the process of living funny situations.


Now you know what are the best unicorn pixels of the moment. Among the many models that we have presented to you, you will surely find a pixel art that you will like.Β 

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