How to create a beautiful unicorn makeup?

The unicorn has strongly inspired the fashion world. Unicorn makeup is the perfect example. This style of makeup is very popular with children, but not only. Adults are also seduced. But then, how to make a unicorn makeup?

Unicorn makeup is characterized by the application of several kinds of colors and shades. This work is relatively simple, but still requires a little organization.

In this article, we will discuss the following points:

  • The necessary accessories
  • Unicorn makeup for children
  • Unicorn makeup for adults

Without further ado, let's see how to make a unicorn makeup.

The necessary accessories


To make a unicorn makeup, you will mainly need the following accessories:

  • brushes of various sizes
  • a sponge

These tools are mainly used to apply the makeup. They should not be minimized. If you have the possibility, choose quality accessories. The result will be more successful if you work with good tools.

Unicorn makeup for children

Doing unicorn makeup on a child's face can be quite complex. Indeed, children do not have the same patience as adults. Therefore, you must succeed in applying the makeup quickly and at the first attempt.

To make a unicorn makeup for children, you will need :

  • a blue or pink eye shadow, ideally iridescent
  • an iridescent eye shadow (silver)
  • a clear gloss or pink lip liner
  • glitter stickers (optional)

    How to make a unicorn makeup for kids?

    The first thing you need to do is to apply the blue eye shadow on the entire mobile eyelid.

    Then, you need to apply the pink iridescent eye shadow at the end of the eye so as to get an ombre effect and accentuate the size of the eyes. Blend lightly to give the eyes aΒ more natural to the look. You can also draw a small line under the eye to emphasize the look (always with pink eye shadow).

    At the end of the eye, try drawing a unicorn horn with white or silver iridescent eye shadow. You don't need to use a lot. One or two strokes should be more than enough. Apply pink and blue eyeshadow to the horn you just drew. This way it will be more colorful and realistic. Apply clear gloss to the lips. Lip pink will work if you don't have lip gloss. The objective is to give shine to the makeup. Therefore, glosses that are particularly transparent should be prioritized. Don't be afraid to feel like you're overdoing it.

    If you can get glitter, scatter it on the child's face. Be careful not to get them in the eyes, nose or mouth. That's why it is advisable to use self-adhesive glitter. The makeup is more or less finished. If you have followed all the instructions, you should not have to touch up anything else. Show the result to the child, and see how happy she is.

    Unicorn makeup for adults


    To do unicorn makeup on an adult's face, you'll need several things. Namely:

    • foundation or tinted moisturizer (BB cream)
    • loose powder (a skin tone equalizer or something to make it more matte)
    • Powder concealer or illuminating powder
    • iridescent pink blush
    • eyeshadow palettes (yellow, pink, green, blue, orange, purple or other bright colors)
    • false lashes or mascara
    • pink or blue lip gloss (or, if not available, clear glitter lip gloss)
    • glitter stickers (optional)

      Applying unicorn makeup on an adult's face is not as complicated as on a child's face. But to obtain a correct result, you must strictly follow the instructions we will give you.

      How to make a unicorn makeup for adults?

      The first step is to unify the complexion. To do this, use foundation or BB cream. Then, use loose powder to make the base of the complexion more matt.
      Next, soak your wide brush in illuminating powder or concealer. Apply the product to the top of the cheekbones. This will give more light to the eyes.

      Put some iridescent pink blush on the cheekbones to make them sparkle.

      Now, let's move on to the eyelids. Take the pink eyeshadow and soak the entire eyelid. On the inner corner of the eye, apply a little bit of orange eyeshadow. Make sure there is no visible demarcation between the different colors. Blend the eye shadow so that the colors blend naturally where they meet.


      The next step is to draw a rainbow on the eyelids. This task requires concentration, as we will be drawing on the moving part of the eyelid. Always start the drawing at the inner corner. Pass successively the yellow, green, blue and purple until you reach the outer corner.

      After the eyelids, work on the lashes. Curl them with mascara. You can also use false lashes.

      Afterwards, add shine to the lips with gloss. If you want to give them more effect, you will have to use lip pink and lip blue. Color the lips with blue and surround it with pink.

      Finally, scatter some glitter on the rest of the face. This will give the makeup more sparkle, as if it were magic.

      Now you know how to do unicorn makeup. You know how to do it on an adult's face and how to do it on a child's face. Unicorn makeup has no more secrets for you.

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