How to teach kids to clean their rooms?

Here is a text dedicated to your children to convince them with pedagogy to tidy up their room like adults! I'm sure that if I tell you that tidying your room can be a fun and satisfying experience, you'll think that what I'm saying is impossible, that I don't know anything about it and that I've never had to tidy a room in my life. However, I can assure you that with a few tricks and a bit of good will this activity, which may seem uninteresting and useless, will take on a whole new meaning for you!

By the way, why do your parents always ask you to clean your room?


This is the eternal topic of discussion that invariably comes up between your parents and you: you have to tidy your room ! Obviously, this activity doesn't appeal to you too much and you balk at doing it. Yet, let's face it: having a messy room is not pleasant for anyone. It's impossible to vacuum efficiently if the floor is littered with all kinds of objects! And I'm not even talking about the difficulty to sleep peacefully if your bed is covered with toys and notebooks. And since nothing is in order or in its place, you are always looking for what you need. In the end, most of the time, you end up giving up or asking your parents (who obviously don't know where your sneakers or geography book is any more than you do) while they make coffee in their coffee grinder.

Filing every day instead of once in a while dilutes the effort of the chore


The secret is to tidy up a little bit every day ! Instead of letting your stuff pile up for weeks on end, just take the time each night to put back what you used during the day. This way, it will only take you a few minutes a day instead of a very unpleasant hour each month. It's also motivating because, with very little effort, you'll keep your room nice and restful.

A place for everything and everything in its place


The other trick is to decide once and for all where you want to store each of your things. And the best part is that you get to choose and no one else! Dance clothes in the dresser drawer, books for school in the locker next to your backpack, or your collection of Pokemon stuffed animals on your big shelf. Make a clear plan of where each item in your daily life should be stored. You can also use more creative storage solutions like stuffed animal and soft toy poufs if you really have a lot of stuff. If necessary, adapt over time, if you feel the need, but above all, stick to it over time. Little by little, you will know exactly where everything is and you will save a lot of time when looking for it.

And at the end of these efforts, you will have a priceless reward 🀩 ! You'll gradually have a nice room without eye-catching clutter and annoying your parents. You will be able, thus, to enjoy your little corner just for you maintained and comfortable. And why not take the opportunity to decorate your room to your liking? A few posters, a stuffed animal or a light garland could be the perfect finishing touch to this tidy and welcoming space.


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