How To Draw A Swallow?

Do you know the swallow? Want to learn how to draw a swallow? Want to know how to teach a child to draw the swallow?

In this lesson we will see how to draw a swallow in pencil step by step. Swallows come to us when it's hot and they eat insects. There are many species of swallows, some look like swallows, but they are smaller, it is a kind of barn swallow.

Drawing a swallow is not very complicated. After reading this article, you will know:

  • The main lines to draw a swallow;
  • How to draw a swallow for children;
  • How to draw a sitting swallow.

After reading this article, you will be able to draw a swallow with ease.

Ready for adventure, let's get to the heart of the matter.

Little story about the swallow

Species-rich, this skilful-flying songbird has dark upperparts and pale underparts, long , narrow, pointed wings , and a deeply forked tail . Its origins can be traced to a ship called The Swallow . Because seven members of his crew mutinied and to recognize each other, they decided to get a swallow tattooed on their chests. In addition, these birds represented a symbol among them, because while sailing, sailors let themselves be carried by them to know when they were approaching the coast. Therefore, for those who work at sea, swallows are their only hope of ever arriving safely.

The main lines to draw a swallow


  • Draw the beak , the top of the head, which is flattened, the eye.
  • Then draw the body of the bird , starting from the neck almost straight, going straight, then rounding and going horizontal. The back is a curved line at a 45 degree angle.
  • Draw the wings and feet .
  • We draw the fairly long tail , the feathers and the coloring border.
  • Draw lines on the wing and abdomen , and you can also paint.

Art materials needed to draw a swallow:

  • A piece of white paper and an eraser ;
  • A medium-hard pencil for drawing the bird ;
  • Colored pencils from beige to black.

How to draw a swallow step by step

  • Step 1

To draw a bird like a swallow , start with the head . This part is represented on a sheet of paper in the form of a circle. Added to this is the upper part of the body, which will have a rounded shape.

  • Step 2

On the sides of the torso, we draw long arched lines to outline the frame of the future wings. You should know and remember that the wings of such a bird are long, pointed at the ends and slightly curved.

  • Step 3

From the lower part of the body we also draw two lines, which are then connected by additional lines. So we get the tail for the birds which looks like a fork due to the deep incision.

  • Step 4

Beginning of the swallow'sย head draw. To do this, add a beak on the left side and start drawing the outline of the head . In the middle of the figure, add an eye and start drawing the outline of another feather color.

  • Step 5

Now let's move on to drawing the outline of the wings , because for a bird this is a very important part of the body. In the middle of the figures, one can see a strong divergence from one feather color to another.

  • Step 6

We remove the auxiliary circles and curved lines in the middle of the figure, which made it possible to obtain such a pretty image of a spring bird. Once again, a simple pencil to go over the contour : both external and internal. Let's wait a bit to trace the small details in the middle.

  • Step 7

The lower part of the bird's head has red plumage. So, we take a red pencil in our hands and fill in the outline of the picture. A darker shadow to create a shadow under the banknote. The beak itself should be created in dark brown, but for a base shade we use a lighter tone. Then we take a darker shade of brown to get the desired beak color.

  • Step 8

We paint in black pencil the entire surface of the tail and the head , as well as small areas of the wings.

  • Step 9

If you want, you can run a gray and tan pencil over the white areas of the wings and belly for some interesting highlights.

  • Step 10

At the end of this drawing lesson, we got a nice drawing of a swallow with colored pencils. Such a picture puts you in a good mood and immediately reminds you of the warm rays of the sun.


How to draw a swallow easily in 9 steps

  • 1st step: The first thing to draw is the eye.
  • 2nd step: Next we will continue to draw the beak.

  • 3rd Step:ย The next step is to call a Uni set on the head.

  • 4th Step:ย For the wing, draw a curved line from the top of the head and down.

  • 5th Step:ย Then to give the wing shape we draw some feathers which are just in layers of curved lines.

  • 6th Step:ย In the continuity of the lower body, we will draw the tail.

  • 7th Step:ย Finally, we will draw two legs.ย If you are confused just look at the photo for a reference.

  • 8th Step:ย And here is our drawing is almost finished.

  • 9th Step:ย To make our drawing more realistic, we will add black, red and white color.


How to draw a swallow for adults and children


If you just want to teach your child to draw a swallow, teach it the same way you would an adult.

  • Step 1

Draw a midline of the torso, mark the lean body. The neck is not expressed, the head seems to be planted on the shoulders.

  • Step 2

The tail, a fork with a deep cut.

  • Step 3

Now the wings - they are very big. And they are designed like hands - look at the structure of the wings - the bones and the direction of the feathers attached to the joints.

  • Step 4

Don't add anything else - say and show like this, and the children will reproduce as normal.

And if each time they draw birds to show the structure of a wing, then in due time the children will remember this and draw themselves correctly.

How to draw a sitting swallow


Swallows are mostly seen in flight. With their long, well-spread wings, they fly through the air and catch insects. We will learn in this part how to draw a sitting swallow. Well...a swallow can't sit on the ground, or so it can, but it can't fly away - its legs are short and it won't be able to push. And a tree branch? I do not think so. He will get his wings tangled in the branches.

So they don't rest at all? Well, not really, at home in the nest they arrange a normal launch area and thus can rest at night. And besides, they like to sit on wires. I will never touch wires, but swallows don't know voltage and electricity, so they just sit there.

Let's draw a swallow sitting on wires


As in all cases where we have to represent the bird at rest, we can see that theย body is tilted at about 45 degreesย .ย Understanding this inclination is very difficult for children;ย how many times had we seen pupils directly unable to surpass themselves - how is it possible to draw the body diagonally on the sheet?ย And that's how it is in life.

In fact, the board doesn't look very complicated, but that's no excuse for drawing lots.ย On the contrary, do not relax, draw all the building lines -ย the middle line of the bodyย for sure.ย The torso, we can say that it is oval -ย draw a line of the shouldersย - it should be parallel to the wire, on which the swallow is resting.ย The head of the bird is raised, but the line of the beak is parallel to the axis of the body.ย There, such a construction.ย But the tail is bent.ย Yes, but in reality it is different.ย Well, let's learn to observe real life.

The wings are so long that they extend well beyond the torso and meet at the ends.ย So we have aย drawing of a swallowย ready to be applied as a coloring.ย The abdomen is clear, the throat too, the head and wings are black.ย The neck is reddish.

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