How to Draw a Squirrel?

Are you passionate about drawing animals? Having trouble drawing a squirrel? Do you want to perfect your way of drawing a squirrel?

In this article you have everything you need to correctly draw a drawing of a squirrel. Squirrels are cute little animals. If you want to learn how to draw a cute little squirrel, either in a cartoon or in a more real drawing, read this tutorial.

Before starting the article, here is a brief summary:

Squirrel is a very cute animal and many children love to draw squirrels. You can draw a squirrel from a photo or even by observing a squirrel in the park. But still it is better to draw it step by step using a tutorial called "How to draw a squirrel step by step".

You will know at the end of this tutorial:

  • How to draw a squirrel by different methods?
  • How to draw a squirrel step by step

    Without further ado, let’s start reading the article right now.

    How to draw a squirrel?


    The squirrel is a very graceful animal and without experience it is very difficult to convey this characteristic. Of course, if you draw the characteristic fluffy tail and ears with acorns on a squirrel's head, it would be clear that it is a squirrel . But we want to draw a "real" squirrel, exactly the same as the one running in the park.

    Now you will learn how to draw a squirrel with a simple pencil. So, let's try to draw a squirrel at first with a pencil, and then "revive" the image of a squirrel by painting pictures with colored pencils, drawing a tree branch on which it sits and, of course, , a pinecone in the legs of the squirrel. We will need at least one soft pencil, we recommend these three pencils: 4H, 2B and 6B.

    Drawing squirrel: 1st method step by step


    1. Draw the head and body

    The first step to drawing a squirrel is not complicated at all. But, you need to accurately draw the oval of a squirrel's body and the circumference of its head. The height of the oval will be equal to the two circles and must have a slope. The more you specify the primary outlines, the more accurate the drawing of a squirrel will be in the future.

    Draw a circle for the head and a pear-shaped figure below. Then draw a vertical line from both ends of the pear. Draw this soft line that will serve as the center of his head. Be sure to use a pencil to sketch so you can erase it later to complete the drawing .

    2. Draw the outlines of the squirrel's ears, tail and snout

    You may find this step too complicated at first. But take a good look, it's not difficult to draw the outline of the tail , add ears on a squirrel's head, and slightly correct the outline of the muzzle. When we draw a squirrel circle for an eye , it looks like the squirrel will come alive. Add volume to the skeleton of our squirrel. 


    First, sketch the ears. Next, join the chest and pelvis ovals to form the torso. To create the ears, draw two pointed arcs . Then add a horizontal oval at the bottom of the head. This will be the squirrel 's jaw or cheeks . Add volume to the limbs and draw a large tail. Draw a large "S" to represent the squirrel's tail .

    3. Add the ends of the squirrel

    Draw a circle at the base of the pear , which will be the squirrel's hip bone. Draw the shape of the limbs, legs . Since the viewing angle is about ¾, only half of the other hip bone should be visible. For the arm, draw an elongated, angled "U" on the body. Add a few elongated ovals under each circle to materialize the squirrel's legs. With a pen, go over the draft. Don't forget the overlapping lines and parts that need to be hidden, these lines may not be perfect and clean, but they should be clean when you erase the pencil stroke.


    At this point, you have to pull the strings. To make it easier to follow the proportions in the drawing, use small circles for marking. You'll then have an idea of ​​the thickness of the squirrel's legs and where to start drawing them. The front legs of a squirrel are small and the back legs are long, like those of a cat or a rabbit. If you have drawn all the contour lines accurately, let's continue drawing the squirrel in the next step.

    Erase unnecessary contour lines with an eraser, being careful not to erase the working outline. See how quickly and easily you can draw a squirrel. It is enough to add a few small details and the photo of a squirrel will be almost ready. Start detailing the image with the eye of the squirrel , add claws on the legs, draw the nose.

    4. Draw the squirrel's skin and fluffy tail

      In this step you need to make the squirrel "fluffy". It is best to draw the fluffy tail with thin and long strokes similar to my drawing. In the same way, you can draw the skin of the squirrel's coat , but with shorter strokes. Now that the drawing of a squirrel is complete, you can take colored pencils in your hands.

      I think you know the color of the squirrel yourself, but it's always best to look at a real squirrel photo to know the exact coloring. You can shade the image of a squirrel with a simple soft pencil, like in my photo. If you decide to paint, you better know how to work with it. Be sure to draw a squirrel with a cone in its front paws, sitting on a tree branch. Add the surrounding, but not too bright, landscape in light tones, so that the image of a squirrel remains in the "foreground".

      Drawing squirrel: 2nd method step by step

      1. Draw a large circle and a teardrop shape next to it  : These figures will be the squirrel's head and body.
      2. Add the arm and leg joints: To do this, draw two circles. One should be larger (the leg joint) than the other. The circles and the head should give an inclination to the figure.
      3. Add the ears and legs: Add two curved figures that will be the ears. Depending on the breed, you can also modify the ears a bit. Some squirrels have longer, more pointed ears.
      4. To make the legs, add trapezoids in each circle. There should be a trapeze at the base of the back leg circle, another connected to the front arm and leg circle, and a small one for the body.
      5. The smaller trapezoid is for the leg that is hidden behind the squirrel's body.
      6. Add the tail, legs and face: Draw a large inverted "S" coming out of the body. This will be the squirrel's tail. At the end of each trapezoid, add small triangles to create the legs. For the face, add two small circles: one for the eyes and one for the nose.
      7. With a pen, go over the lines of the sketch: Don't forget the lines and the overlapping parts that need to be hidden. The lines may not be perfect and clean , but they should look sharp when you erase the pencil stroke.
      8. Erase the lines you made with the pencil and add the details: You can add details such as ears, eyes, mouth, nose and fur. You can also add extra lines to highlight the legs and coat.
      9. Color the squirrel: You can use different shades ranging from orange to red or even brown or gray. It all depends on the breed of squirrel.

      Drawing squirrel: 3rd method step by step

      1. Draw a large oval in the center of the page. This oval will be the head.
      2. Bite the ears and eyes. On either side of the top of the oval, draw a small egg-shaped figure. Draw a smaller oval placed inside the larger one.
      3. Under the right side of the head, draw a horizontal oval. This will be the squirrel's body.
      4. Look at the pretty little hands! Draw a large, elongated oval that overlaps a smaller one on the upper body.
      5. Draw a large circle and two thin, elongated ovals on the body to create the legs.
      6. On the right side of the body, it draws an elongated, arched oval. This will be the tail.
      7. Define the shape of the squirrel and add some details such as the eye, the long slender fingers and lots of frizzy hair all over the body.
      8. Carefully erase the lines of the sketch and highlight the outline.
      9. Color it and you're done!

      Drawing squirrel: 4th method step by step

      1. Draw an oval in the center of the page. This will be the head.
      2. Draw two pointed ovals on the top of the head, which will be the ears: Inside the head, he draws a narrow oval. This will be the eye. At the bottom of the head, draw another pointed oval. This will be the mouth.
      3. Draw a vertical oval below the head, which will be the neck.
      4. Under the neck, he draws an elongated oval. This will be the body.
      5. Draw an elongated, curved oval ending in a small circle, which will be used to create the hands and claws. At the end of the small circle, draw a larger one. It will be an acorn that will hold the squirrel.
      6. Draw a large circle and two narrow, elongated ovals on the body to create the legs.
      7. On the right side of the body, draw a number in the form of a question mark. This will be the plush tail.
      8. Define the shape of the squirrel and add some details such as the eye, a cute little nose, a smiling mouth with teeth, and little fingers on both hands and the legs.
      9. Carefully erase the lines of the sketch and underline the outline with a pencil.
      10. Color your squirrel drawing and you're done!

        Draw a squirrel easily by following the steps below:

        • 1st step:

        First, we will draw the eye of a squirrel.

        • 2nd Step:

        Then the head and the nose.

        • 3rd Step:

        We now draw the ear.

        • 4th Step:

        Draw a vertical oval below the head, which will be the neck.


        • 5th Step:

        Under the neck we draw an arm.


        • Step 6:

        And then we draw the thing he's got on his hands.

        • 7th Stage:

        We draw the body now.

        • 8th Stage:

        Then we draw the right leg.

        • 9th Step:

        And let's draw the left leg.

        • 10th Step:

        We're going to draw his tail.

        • 11th Step:

        Here is our drawing is almost finished.

        • 12th Stage:

        Now let's add a color to decorate our drawing of a squirrel.


        You are now ready to draw and color a squirrel 

        Anyone can draw a beautiful squirrel . All you need is a sharp pencil, a pen and some colored pencils. You will then have to respect all our recommendations. You are now equipped to take action.

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