How to Decorate a Family Room ?

In a home, there are few gathering spaces as inviting as the family room. Of course, we often meet in the kitchen or in the dining room, but the family room is unique in that it is generally dedicated to rest and entertainment, and therefore even more conducive to sharing.

Whether you have young children or teenagers, there is a way to bring the whole family into the room by meeting everyone's needs. You can think about the layout, the color palette, the elements to include to create the perfect room for your family.

If you're looking for design ideas for this room, read on, because we've rounded up 10 examples of family rooms to suit everyone!

10 Ideas for Family Room Layouts and Decor


A family room that gives the impression of going to the cinema

Do you like spending time with your family in front of a good movie? Here is an example of a dream family room for a group of movie buffs. The layout is designed around the big screen, with a huge armchair where all the members of the family will be able to sit comfortably.

On the far wall, there is storage for records and DVDs, which could easily turn into a bookcase when these types of media are no longer available. The mood of the room is subdued, so it's a less versatile space than other layouts in this article, but it's definitely a room that stands out!

A bright living room with plenty of places to sit!

We change completely with a bright family room, perfectly suited for a large family, given the number of people it can accommodate. The color palette is cold, but the space is warm because of the decorative accessories like curtains, throw pillows, and large windows that feature a pretty landscape.

It is above all a very quiet place, where you can meet at the end of the day to share beautiful moments together.

A family room with a contemporary decor style

Do you like contemporary decor styles with retro mid-century touches? Granted, this layout isn't the most welcoming for young children, but if you like the more sophisticated style, why not?

The cabinet on the back wall could be custom made and the space is mostly taken up by a large, comfortable sectional, so it's a type of layout that can easily be recreated in a similarly sized room.

A warm family room installed in the basement

If you have to put your family room in the basement, but you're worried that the environment is too dark, here's a great example of a bright and welcoming room. Note that the family room is located in the basement, but the combination of colors, lighting and decorative accessories creates a pleasant environment.

A living room for the whole family located in the center of the house

This family room is located in a central space of the house, so it becomes a meeting point for everyone. With 3 armchairs, everyone will find their comfort. The mix of materials is interesting, with a combination of contemporary and more classic styles.

Finally, we notice the large window that leads to the outdoor terrace, another interesting meeting place for the family!

A space for the family with an original color palette

Here is another family room installed in a basement. The space is very large and everything is centered around comfort! Several armchairs, a carpet floor, very soft cushions, everything is there to rest for hours.

Don't want to watch TV all the time? You can hide it behind easy-to-open barn doors if needed. This large space is also well suited to children who can jump and run in complete safety.

A small family room with atypical decorative elements

We have featured several large format family rooms, but we are well aware that some people do not have access to such a large format room. Here is an example of a family room installed in a small room.

The layout is very cozy and each plot of space is optimized. We see that the owners have again opted for a sectional chair, which is perfect when you want to attract all the members of the family to the same place.

A colorful family room, perfect for art lovers

Here is one of the most attractive family rooms for collectors of beautiful objects! Even if you have young children, you can place your pretty vases in height so that they remain safe. Built-in bookcases are particularly pretty and practical, while individual pieces of furniture create a nice balance in the decor of the room.

A family room without television, with a fireplace and greenery!

Here is another smaller family room. This one is well filled with furniture, pretty accessories and a large carpet. If you prefer the minimalist style, you may not love this layout. However, for those who like comfortable and welcoming decor, there is plenty to be inspired by!

A contemporary style TV room with beautiful lighting

Finally, we end with another example of custom-designed furniture that can be adapted according to your preferences for decorative accessories. The shelves could also be filled with toys, vinyl records or books!

The room isn't huge, but it makes up for that shortcoming with decor centered around wooden accessories and elements, creating a timeless setting that's easy to modify to suit individual needs.

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