How to decorate a child's room ?

What decoration for the bedroom of a 4 year old boy ?


From the age of 4, a child needs to express themselves and have fun freely. It is then interesting to him create a personalized space in his room where he can play alone or with his friends. An essential element in the boy's bedroom decor is the rug, ideal for settling on a soft and pleasant to the touch surface at any time. A thick carpet on the floor is also able to absorb shocks and muffle the sounds of falling objects. It is recommended to avoid models with too light colors which could be messy. For a playful and aesthetic approach, a play mat representing a world map or a racing circuit is an excellent idea.

For furniture, take the time to choose a solid shelf which is not at risk of tipping over and selecting from among the chairs available on the market a model which does not present any roughness. In order to allow a child to draw, it is important to be able to prepare a corner dedicated to creation. Several choices are possible in this area, with a desk and a chair, a table on a stand or a small desk. For his bed , a cocooning spirit is to be recommended with a cabin bed which constitutes a protective space suitable for a young child. Of the storage spaces for toys are also to be provided with wooden crates, baskets or plastic bins that are easy to stack.

As for the decorative aspect itself, you can choose paint or wallpaper with brighter colors than for a baby's room. Mint green, grey, yellow and navy blue are always popular choices for little boys.

Ideas for furnishing the room of a 7 year old boy

Upon entering primary school, a toddler's needs are no longer the same. Around the age of 7, it is important that his room is both a play area and a place dedicated to school work. A office becomes essential with a small reading corner with sufficient light. A chest of drawers, wardrobe or shelves for his clothes are possible options to provide. In terms of storage, you can keep those already in place. For children aged 7 to 8, the cabin bed can be replaced by sleeping in a tent or tepee version. The loft bed is an interesting possibility that can be positioned above a desk area. It is also a way to save space and to be able to quickly set up an extra bed when a friend comes to sleep at home. This is a very relevant solution in rooms with a small area.

A variety of decorations can be put in a 7-year-old boy's room. Curtains in pastel tones, poufs, a bedspread and cushions in various shades will bring splashes of color welcome to give a warm and cozy look to the boy's room. To have small objects or books close at hand, a bedside table can be installed on the edge of a bed. At this age, your child fully expresses his tastes: you can therefore furnish him with a room on the most diverse themes, with decoration on the theme of space, dinosaurs, sports or adventure. For a look following the latest trends, do not hesitate to personalize the room with large-format stickers, posters, stencil drawings or unusual DIY suspensions for DIY enthusiasts.

How to decorate a teenager's room?

For his arrival at college, a young person may want affirm your style through the decoration of his room. Becoming a personal space above all, his bedroom allows him to create your own universe reflecting his tastes and personality. For a 12-year-old child, it is advisable to plan a bigger office to store all of his school things, or to install a computer. Bins devoted to toys can be replaced by shelves or a bookcase to store comic books, books and manga. The loft bed and the trundle bed are two options that are still possible. In a spacious bedroom, bunk beds are also to be studied. A real wardrobe can be fitted instead of a simple chest of drawers.

About the room decoration of your boy, it is important to trust your child's passions without trying to impose this or that style on him. Wallpaper, even if it will probably be necessary to change it after a few years, is a good choice to dress up and enlarge the space. A decor in the form of a comic strip can cover a wall to give more character to the room. Bright colors like red and yellow are often appreciated by teenagers to give energy and uniqueness to their teen room.


What are the best colors for a boy's bedroom decor?

For younger bedrooms, neutral tones like white, beige and gray are best. You can then plan variable decoration sover the years to follow the evolution of the tastes of the child without the need to repaint the walls. You will then just need to bring variety and color to objects such as accessories, with patterned rugs, graphic cushions or original furniture. For boys, blue remains an essential color but for more originality, you can use beige, pastel colors and why not touches of pink? Depending on the inspiration of the moment, you can prefer soft colors like yellow or green to create a soothing atmosphere.

With adolescence, the tastes of children assert themselves and it will be possible to opt for more distinct colors. A red guideline could be chosen in this way for walls or accessories. A thematic wallpaper can also be a great idea. All colors are possible, provided you limit yourself to two or even three colors for a harmonious whole.

How to decorate a room for a little girl?

Unicorn dream catcher

A very fashionable decoration object for the decoration of your daughter's room is the unicorn dream catcher. In addition to the spiritual virtues that a dream catcher offers, you will add a beautiful touch to your daughter's room!

Let your daughter come up with her ideas

Unicorn items are very famous for decorating a girl's room. But, you shouldn't think that this is the case for everyone. Let your child come up with her ideas. Then you can mix and match your ideas with your daughter's to improve the decor!

Other elements of decoration for the boy's room

For a stylish boy's room, bet on practical and trendy decorative elements!

The bedding is a must-have for bedroom decoration. It embellishes the children's bed by bringing a colorful touch! You can opt for plain bed linen, with patterns or with the image of your favorite superhero!

There colorful light garland or the subdued nightlight is also a must-have for boys' bedroom decor. It brings a warm and comforting atmosphere after dark.

There canvas picture or the wall poster above his bed is also a decorative ally in your boy's bedroom. Very easy to put up, the photo poster or poster is customizable, comes in all formats and can be changed in no time depending on the season or the year! The canvas will dress the wall with a sublime landscape, a beautiful family photo or simply a kind word or a positive quote to wake up in a good mood! To make the poster, poster or photo canvas more attractive, add a frame.

Finally, the colorful wastebasket, the designer coat rack and modular storage are also accessories that contribute to the boy's bedroom decor while having a practical function.

The different styles of boy's bedroom decor

There are different styles of decoration for a boy's room. Discover the boy rooms the most popular !

Boy's bedroom decor Scandinaviant ops the rankings. This bedroom style focuses on the practical and minimalist side: light and neutral tones, wood, natural light. A natural and elegant decor, conducive to rest and organization.

Boy's room decoration industrial inspired is bold and original. It brings character to the bedroom by favoring raw materials: metal, leather, stone, iron and steel. A designer decor that focuses above all on the quality of the furniture. An authentic and contemporary style that is sure to please your boy!

Finally, the boy's room jungle is ideal for young and old adventurers! It's a decoration that is both exotic and fun! A room that evokes nature, animals and travel! Bet on green bed linen, decorative plants, yellow cushions, savanna or jungle animal posters and wooden furniture.

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