How to Decorate a Baby Room ?

The arrival of baby is near? Are you moving and your child is going to have their own room? Do you want to ensure that its environment is as healthy, secure as it is beautiful and cozy? A spoon for a cuddly toy gives you the keys to ensuring that the baby's room remains a safe and cocooning place above all.

Your child's cocoon: above all a healthy and safe room


Whether you are preparing the room for an unborn child or deciding to renovate or furnish a room for your toddler, it should be kept in mind that their health and safety are the sine qua non conditions of the layout of the place in question.

On the floor as on the walls, prefer washable coatings and paints specially designed to be applied in a child's environment. Acrylic or so-called β€œnatural” paints are the most appropriate. Opt for soft colors so as not to get bored too quickly of the general atmosphere that you are going to create. Choose raw wood furniture as much as possible rather than chipboard. The latter indeed gives off substances that it is better to avoid for a baby or a child.

Obviously, choose solid furniture that complies with European safety standards and do not hesitate to invest in safety kits if they include doors and drawers in order to avoid pinching your fingers and other injuries. In addition, the choice of bed is important since this is where your child will sleep on average sixteen hours a day.

Carefully study the organization of the room to favor both comfort of use and safety for your child: avoid installing shelves and small pieces of furniture above a bed or a changing table, check that the elements tops are securely hung, that electrical appliances (night light, lamps, magic lanterns, etc.) and sockets are secure and out of the reach of curious little hands.

Finally, to ensure that your child's environment is as healthy as possible, respect the following rules as much as possible :

  • Air the room every day;
  • Vacuum and clean frequently with mild products ( avoid household products with strong fragrances whose volatile elements are harmful and allergenic );
  • Prevent access to the room for pets;
  • Maintain a pleasant temperature (between 18 and 20Β°C).

In short, before any decoration idea, think intelligently of the baby's room so that it is practical to live in, always healthy and that it constitutes a secure and reassuring environment for the child as for you.


The baby's room: a bubble of well-being, calm and games

Once health and safety issues have been seriously considered, it's time to treat yourself and your child.

Determine the atmosphere you want to give to the room, the universe you want to create and take into account the age of your child. Baby, he obviously can't give his opinion and it's essentially whether he's a girl or a boy who can give you food for thought. Grown up, his character has asserted himself, his tastes too, he may want a room decoration in his image.

After determining the color of the walls, you can let yourself be tempted by the wide variety of baby stickers, these famous boards of decorative elements that will make a toddler's room or a child's room a unique universe. The themes are numerous and it will be harder to make a choice than to ask them! Their advantages are obvious since they allow you to transform a room into a magical place while preserving your walls (the stickers are not permanent and can be removed as easily as they arise) and your patience (no need to be an ace in interior decoration and DIY to install these famous stickers).

These adhesive decorations are perfect for all atmospheres: creative, humorous, tender and exciting, they encourage daydreaming, travel and encourage the imagination. Once the bedroom walls are adorned with colorful touches, you can complete the decoration with paintings matching the chosen theme or childish photo frames, a story that your little one will inscribe in his universe with his dad, his mom and his whole family.

In addition, the decoration of the baby's room also goes through the choice of small delicate and useful elements such as night lights, lampshades and magic lanternsΒ  which give the room a soothing atmosphere. Curtains and sheers framing the windows will finalize the atmosphere in a cozy, intimate and benevolent cocoon.

If, of course, as the child grows, the toys will take up more and more space, at the forefront of the parental eye and not always with the most beautiful decorative effect, you can already plan clever and colorful storage, sober or to customize, so as to make the room evolve with the tastes and desires of each.

While waiting for this delicious age when stuffed animals ride board games and brick boxes compete for their place with the rocking horse, you can give free rein to your desire for a perfect bubble and harmonious decoration by installing dolls and cuddly toys in places determined (shelves, bed). They also help to create a warm and joyful atmosphere. In short, keep your child's soul in mind and make baby's main room a universe just for him, as special and unique as your child is! Indulge yourself, of course, combine wishes for originality or wishes for sobriety, but don't forget that your child is growing up and that his desires… too!

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