How to Catch a Plush At the Feast

The occasions of relaxation become real moments of well-being whether you are alone or accompanied. The fair is a great party and a place of leisure, entertainment and even challenge. It is an opportunity for the whole family to have fun together. But maybe you want to win something? If so, it is interesting to know how to catch a plush animal at the carnival machine.

It often takes place outdoors or on the esplanade of amusement parks. There are several rides and attractions as well as all the games. Indeed, several games are offered. These include free games and cash games. The slot machines offer a variety of items.

Generally, they are catch machines. For those who have not inquired beforehand, it can be difficult to catch them. In fact, many people say that it is a scam because they spend more money to win the lint. In reality, you spend more than you would have spent to buy it. However, there are some reliable techniques to get them. How to get plush fair?


There are several games open during the throne party. These include casino games, table games, the slide, the carousel, games of chance. There are even rides, the fairground ride and cotton candy. Playing with machines remains the favorite activity of the participants. The most common machine at fairs is the pincer machine. Players can grab the teddy bear of their choice by grasping it by the claws. So, to get a teddy bear, after pinching it, you have to pull it up to get it out of the lot. Of course, this is easier said than done. Very few people can do it.

There are different types of clamping machines and they don't all have the same features. There are pinch machines that allow for a transparent game. To win, only your efforts and agility will help you, while there are programmed machines. When using these machines, you play with rigged cards. The possibility of losing is more or less guaranteed.

To find out which type of machine you are facing, all you have to do is try it at the spring party. To distinguish, the two types of fluffy machines, some techniques can be implemented. The rigged device and the transparent machine do not react in the same way.


To put the chances of winning on your side, you must hold the control keys firmly. If you hold them firmly, you will be able to steer the grippers easily. This way, you can pick up the stuffed animal of your choice. To play this game and put the odds in your favor, the player needs to get into a state of challenge even if it looks like fun. Concentration is also important. Without concentration, you won't be able to run the machine properly.


Some techniques are effective in winning a teddy bear. From the beginning of the game, you should randomly locate the teddy bears that you want to hit. Machine grippers usually have 3 to 4 arms. In the case of the 4 arms pliers, you must try to pinch the belly of the teddy. If the pliers have 3 arms, it is one of the legs of the lint that you should grab. By following these recommendations, you will be able to hold the toy firmly.


If you want to play at the patronal party over a weekend, choose a machine that is not very full. If a machine is full when you haven't just filled it, then it is most likely a rigged machine. If it is filled so that something is hard to catch, the machine may not be making it easy for the player. Sometimes the lint is piled on top of each other to make it difficult to remove. By choosing an empty box, you maximize your chances of winning. The more space there is in the machine, the more likely you are to win a toy. Plus, it means that other players may have won something.


It is best to choose a plush toy near the exit window, not one that is far away or under other toys. You need to locate the lint before you put pennies in the machine. It will save you time. Also, don't look for the plush that you like, but the one that is accessible. Prefer stuffed animals that have tentacles or legs and avoid those that are round.

If it's a ball you're interested in that's easy to reach, place the clip right on top of the ball. This method often works, although putting the forceps in the center of the ball is not easy. Remember, this is a game, so it's about having fun, but it's also about winning. This game can be done as a surprise idea, during school vacations or for a birthday


To be sure you have selected the right machine, you should try it out. In any case, this will allow you to test the pliers. Some clamps allow you to grip the toy firmly, while others let the stuffed animal fall back. Also, if you pay attention, you'll notice that some pliers offer little opportunity for grip. To avoid spending money on testing, you can simply observe how things go when other people play.

If you are faced with a machine that has 4-pronged pliers, place the pliers just above the center of the object? Then place the clamps over the legs two at a time. If it's a 3-armed clamp, choose a single leg of the target plush and then pick up the torso. Two arm clamps should be avoided. If you notice that despite a lot of concentration and effort the pliers are not catching anything, forget it


To maximize your chances of winning, you must be in the right position. To do this, you need to take your time and make the right calculations. You can ask someone to observe for you if you are well positioned. If you are alone, proceed to check the perpendicular and parallel axes to identify the right angle. You place the clamp over the target toy. If you are in the right place, then press the key and now let hope and confidence in your calculations do the rest of the work. To find out how much time you have, watch the previous players. This will help you get organized.


It's nice and cute, but this game is also about money. So you have to set a limit, otherwise you risk spending without counting. You can set your bar at a maximum of 2 euros per machine. Alternatively, you can also remember that if you haven't won anything after 5 tries, you stop the game. Maybe the machine is programmed so that you won't win anything. In any case, do not ruin yourself, stop playing.


Many people, especially losers who have not done enough research on the game, say that all machines are rigged. However, this is not true. Some are, but not all. Some machines are not rigged and actually offer the possibility of winning. When you play, be patient and concentrate. And it's just a game, it's not like investing in a business. It's a party, have fun.

After the game, the claw will drop what it was holding. You have to choose your strategy wisely before the time runs out. You can also try to push the prizes in order to get one of the targets closer to the exit. Some people get hooked on it, and others develop expertise in the field. These two categories usually have several stuffed animals that they keep as their trophies. With the detailed methods, you will be able to play often, get game experience and win frequently.


If the game time is 15 minutes, for example, spend about 10 minutes manipulating the pliers and the last few minutes making sure you have put the pliers in the right position. When the time is up, the clamp falls off. That's why the time to locate and position is important before inserting the coins into the slot machine...


If you aim for the lint near the exit area, at the end of the time, if the claw drops the game, you will have a chance to get it back. Also, some prizes near this area just need to be pushed out.

With your arms, you can push toys toward the exit glass. You might even be able to push several. You should also be aware that some people adjust their machine to make the clamp more powerful after a few tries. Usually, the adjustment is made in increments of 10. In other words, after 10 consecutive tries, the clamp is more powerful than usual. However, this power will not be enough to pull out toys that are buried under other toys. You have to aim at the toys that are at the top, because the pliers can only reach a certain limit of toys. Toys that are too low cannot be grabbed.

Do not make too much movement with the key that controls the clamp, otherwise you will have trouble directing it if the lint you want has a label, try to grab it from there. If there are jewels in the machine and you are interested in them, make sure that you grasp the jewel completely. Otherwise, you may lose.

Also, note that during these festivities, there are better games. Apart from playing the machines, there are also games of skill, craps and many attractions. For the brave, there is the ghost ride. There are even free casino games, the ones that work with chips, unlike those in Las Vegas that work with real money. And for those who are interested, at Pentecost, there is the fair and duck fishing. At the throne fair, there's video poker. Play all the games if you feel like it: bumper cars, roulette, poker, spin, roller coaster... Light up the fireworks. Luna Park is home to the Super Bowl!

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