How Anxiety Necklaces Help Children Manage their Anxiety

Anxiety necklaces are increasingly being used to help children manage their anxiety. From toys to specially designed necklaces, these sensory tools offer a variety of useful ways to improve youngsters' attention and focus.

In this article, we'll look at how different types of necklaces can be used to help children overcome their anxiety disorders.

What is an anxiety necklace


Anxiety necklaces are jewelry pieces specifically designed to help children manage anxiety and stress. They are often made from soft jaws and can be easily carried around to provide convenient and immediate relief when children are experiencing feelings of worry or nervousness.

Features of an Anxiety Collar

As the name suggests, the anxiety necklace is an accessory specifically designed to calm anxiety in children. It is worn like any other necklace. Only, it has a variety of meticulously chosen anxiety relieving elements. An anxiety necklace usually has pieces with very bright colors or made from soft, touchable materials. The jewelry may feature a beautiful bead, pendant or other decorative accessory (like any other necklace). But these elements will be chosen mostly for the soothing effect they will bring to the child.

The anxiety necklace is not a simple accessory to complete an outfit. It is a real therapeutic instrument. Moreover, its use must be prescribed by a mental health professional.


Types of anxiety necklaces

There are different types of anxiety necklaces available on the market. Here are some of them:

  • Anxiety collars: these toys can be used as a distraction for children who have trouble staying focused on schoolwork or any other activity.
  • Chew collars: These collars are designed to give children a reassuring feeling when chewing on them during times of intense anxiety.
  • Breathing collars: These collars can be worn around the neck or attached to shoelaces and provide a comforting feeling when squeezed or stroked.

Benefits of Anxiety Collars

Anxiety necklaces can have several benefits for children who suffer from anxiety. First, they can help improve children's attention and focus, as they provide an external source of sensory stimulation that allows children to focus their attention on something other than the cause of the anxiety.

An anxiety necklace can also help children find a way to express themselves and **release negative feelings and emotions**. Finally, it can provide an accessible source of physical comfort.

What are the advantages of anxiety necklaces over fidget toys

Differences between fidget toys and anxiety necklaces

While fidget toys and anxiety necklaces have some things in common - they both serve to soothe and calm anxious children through sensory stimuli - they differ in several key ways.

While trituration toys are designed to be handled, petted and held in the hand, anxiety necklaces can be worn around the neck or attached to shoelaces. This means they can be worn discreetly while the child is in class, which can help them stay focused without attracting the attention of others.

Plus, unlike fidget toys that can only be used for a few minutes at a time, anxiety necklaces **can be worn indefinitely as long as they provide a sense of relief and well-being**.

Stress collars: the perfect accessory to treat anxiety

Stress toys are very effective in relieving anxiety and stress in children. However, they are quite limited in that children will only feel their effects when they play with them.

The anxiety necklace can be worn all the time. The child will be able to enjoy its benefits at any time. As soon as they feel the anxiety rising, they can simply play with the necklace.

How can stress necklaces help children cope with anxiety

How does the stress necklace reduce anxiety in children?

The anxiety necklace will distract the child from what is causing them anxiety by engaging their other senses. The colors, texture and shape of the jewelry have been chosen to produce this effect. When the child manipulates the necklace, he/she feels only pleasant sensations, making him/her forget his/her anxiety.Β Β 

How can stress necklaces help children manage their anxiety?

Anxiety necklaces can have several benefits for children with anxiety. First, they can provide a tangible goal to focus attention on, which helps children focus on something other than their anxious thoughts.

In addition, they provide a comforting physical sensation when stroked or pressed against the skin and allow children to find a way to verbally express their negative feelings and emotions. Finally, stress jewelry can provide a calm and consistent source of sensory comfort over time.


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