Best Way to Decorate a Room for Christmas

December is approaching and Christmas with it! If you are the type to cherish the spirit of the end of the year celebrations and the decor that goes with it, this topic is for you. Room by room, Kids Design The World explains how to decorate your home for Christmas, from the entrance to the bedroom!

It's not just the Christmas tree and the dining room table that deserve a holiday magic trick. The rest of the house is also dressed in the colors and accessories specific to this end-of-year celebration that delights the whole family. How to decorate your entrance for Christmas, pimp your living room for a magical effect and distill the Christmas spirit to the four corners of the house? Piece by piece, we explain how to master this Christmas decoration.

Decorate your front door for Christmas with a wreath and floor lanterns


OyΓ© oyΓ©, the front door is the first thing that guests notice when they arrive at your home on New Year's Eve. All the more reason to pamper her at this door – all year round! – and especially for Christmas. How to decorate it without falling into excesses of too much, without playing the kitsch card? Bet on the classic but nevertheless timeless Christmas wreath. That she wears a simple kinfolk look with some eucalyptus leaves and a few sprigs of holly or whether it plays the classic green and red duet, its presence is the guarantee of a cleverly orchestrated Christmas. At the top of the door or on its central handle, it will have its effect. Also think of the message garlands to hang on the door announcing "Happy Holidays", the spirit of the evening will be given as soon as you enter with such a message!


Decorate your entrance with a Christmas bouquet

The entrance like the front door sets the tone for the Christmas atmosphere . Depending on its configuration but also your desires, you can go for the total Christmas look (large tree from the entrance, light garlands galore, candles on a console...) or bet on a more soothing atmosphere which will consist of installing a pretty and a simple light garland, a few candles and a simple Christmas wreath on the wall. It's up to you to see which atmosphere tempts you the most and if you can bear the sight of your Christmas decor all month of December!

Decorate your fireplace with decorative balls

If you are lucky enough to own a fireplace, take advantage of the Christmas holidays to exploit its great decorative potential. During this month of December, placed under the sign of the festivities, it is the central point of the room for a decoration full of charm and cozy. Decorate your coat with an elegant light garland, a few candles or pine cones for lovers of a small, sober and neat decoration. For the essentials of the Christmas style, we accumulate the small decoration on the mantel of the fireplace, the essential hanging Christmas socks and a few large additional candle holders at the foot of it. For a harmonious decoration, remember to take inspiration from the style of the fireplace for your accessories.

Decorate your sofa corner for Christmas with cozy accessories

To decorate your sofa corner, several solutions. If you want to pull out all the stops for D-Day, bet on gold or velvet cushions to dress your sofa in a look worthy of the big nights. If you prefer to play the card of simplicity, make way for the essential candles and candlesticks on the coffee table. Also think of a pretty glass bell under which you will place a light garland. For those who want a folk and natural Christmas, think of the charm of a large cup in which you will place a few pine cones or fir branchfor a totally green decor. In addition to the coffee table corner, think about decorating the back of the sofa with garlands that will match the wall perfectly or, for an even more festive spirit, a few Christmas socks or a beautiful Advent calendar.

Decorate your windowsills for Christmas with candles

In the living room, the Christmas decoration is not limited to the tree. For a perfect holiday atmosphere in every corner of your home, invest right up to your windowsill. Interior and exterior included! On this tiny space you can place candles, tealight holders, pine cones, among other things, but also hang Christmas balls or Christmas wreath from the window handle. First of all, it's not just the windowsill that is adorned with Christmas decorations, the glass is also adorned with stickers in the Christmas spirit. A word of warning, however: candles near the curtains, to be avoided.

Decorate your dining room table for Christmas

When the kitchen opens onto the living room, it too can dress up in its finest party attire, especially for D-Day. If the Christmas table is dressed in classic tablecloths, centerpieces and candles, its surroundings can also don their festive costume with the help of small copper or gold decorative accessories for a chic atmosphere or in wood and paper for a more Scandinavian Christmas decor.

Decorate your kitchen for Christmas

When the kitchen opens onto the living room, it too can dress up in its finest party attire, especially for D-Day. Decorate the kitchen shelves with small decorations in the spirit of your Christmas tree : Christmas balls, eucalyptus branches, small paper stars... Avoid varying the styles of decoration to fall into the wrong disgust. In addition to the small decoration to be scattered here and there, bet on an unexpected effect: decorate the heights of your room. A few fir branches that wander from one suspension to another above the table, a few decorative suspensions hanging from a lamp and your Christmas will take on height!

Decorate your staircase for Christmas

Another support for all your decorating desires for Christmas: the wall and especially the wall of the stairs ! Just like a coffee table, a window sill or a console, the wall is also likely to bring the Christmas spirit into your rooms. Advent wreaths, light garlands or garlands with messages, Advent calendar , a lot of small emblematic Christmas objects invite themselves to the wall to fully participate in the decoration of the end of year celebrations. Objects that have more have the knack of not encroaching on space, we really appreciate it!

Also decorate your room (subtly) for Christmas

Christmas is only embedded in the bedroom! Yes, yes it is possible with a little mastery. If there is obviously no question of putting a Christmas tree at the end of your bed, it is quite possible to evoke the end of year celebrations subtly in the bedroom. A pretty light garland on a shelf or a moon-shaped light decoration are enough to do the trick. You can also invest your windowsill if you have one. Small decoration and small tree will be welcome!

Playing the detail card with decorative suspensions

Room by room, the house goes into Christmas mode, however we will avoid the Christmas decoration imposed even in the bedroom or the bathroom! We will be satisfied with a poetic decorative touch to hang on the door handles of the different rooms of the house with a pretty fir branch and a minimalist Christmas ball.

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