Best Way to Decorate a Room for a Birthday Party

Kids Design The World offers you to enhance a birthday party with chic and trendy accessories and products selected according to the age of the jubilee and his festive aspirations. Discover in this tutorial tips and ideas to brighten up this evening and make it totally memorable.

You can also find links to essential products for your room and for your famous sweet table.

For a child's and adult's birthday party, the essential accessories and decorations to guarantee success and legitimacy are available in our stock at very advantageous prices.

You can also find advice and ideas for decorating all your parties such as a wedding reception, a baptism, a communion or even more traditional parties such as the magical Christmas night.

Our decorative ideas for the party room of a birthday


For a child as for an adult , there are essential accessories that will sublimate your reception room and your sweet table with efficiency and profitability.

First, we advise you to define the theme of your evening . For a little girl , a magical theme with legendary creatures will be highly appreciated by all children, while little boys will prefer a more daring birthday party with treasure hunts and superhero pinatas.

  • For a little girl's birthday party , an atmosphere all in candy pink inspired by baby shower themes, will welcome balloons inflated with helium in the shape of a rainbow, a garland made up of balloons in the shape of numbers and rose gold or silver letter and a unicorn pinata filled with surprises and small gifts for children. Gold paper garlands with a sweet happy birthday message will hang over a sweet table decorated with paper and cardboard tableware with a princess, polka dot, mermaid or unicorn theme. Sprinkled with metallic confetti and colorful party favors, your table runneras sparkling as it is greedy, will welcome a cake in the style of a mounted piece delicately decorated with sugar flowers and small fancy birthday candles .
  • For a little boy's birthday party , a helium balloon in the shape of a dinosaur or a pirate ship will sit in the center of your reception room surrounded by happy birthday garlands, streamers and treasure chest pinatas. Your table with a daring theme, between paper plates in the shape of a rocket or a set of tableware matching the adventurous theme of your party room will delectably highlight a cake in the shape of a dino, pirate or even a football for the more athletic .


For an adult , your birthday party can take on several theme ideas in line with the festive desires and the age of the star of the evening . You can thus organize an evening on an offbeat, costumed or even hyper trendy theme.

The decoration for an adult birthday

You can find in our blog articles advice and ideas to sublimate an adult birthday. Depending on his age and his passions, you can create a tailor-made decoration and involve all the guests and children in an unforgettable evening.

For a party on a costume theme, you can find available in our stock all the disguise items necessary for the smooth running of your party. With very attractive prices , you can also use masks and boas to decorate your walls, paper or straw party hats, flower necklaces or even headbands filled with color and joy.

Sprinkled with party favors and streamers , your tables and buffets set with tableware kits in shades of black and iridescent will be filled with succulent dishes and gourmet naked cakes.

For a trendier birthday , you can organize a neon party thanks to the trendy accessories from our stock , offered at very attractive prices . Your reception room from floor to ceiling will be adorned with phosphorescent, sparkling or even flashing items under the effect of the black spotlight. LED lamps can decorate your tables and cocktail bars, while your guests will adorn themselves with neon glasses, fluorescent make-up and delirious LED tap taps.

For a bohemian and romantic themed birthday party , with naked cake, ribbon and wild flowers , you can find all the essential accessories and items for a chic and trendy birthday party inspired by the party decorations of your favorite websites.

Happy Birthday rose gold or silver garlands associated with a number balloon of the same color will twirl gracefully in the center of your reception room. Instead of crockery in black and gold tones, you will find powder pink plates and cups enhanced with delicate borders and filled with lightness. For an even more poetic effect, a red ribbon can surround the naked cake with flowers and seasonal fruits.

With our wide selection of festive items and products at unbeatable prices, you can bring your custom idea to life and make this happy birthday as memorable as it is delightful.

The decoration of the birthday room for a subjugating effect

Coming straight from the United States, the concept of room and table decoration (with the famous decoration of sweet tables ) is a fairly recent decorative idea in France. Successful websites such as Pinterest and Instagram are now flooded with posts as fascinating as each other and give heaps of decorative ideas filled with color and poetry.

For a party room as confusing as it is bewitching, we advise you to go all out and structure your decorations well . Once your theme is established, choose your balloons and inflate them with helium. Seeing them so twirl will give scale to your room decoration. Garlands of Happy Birthday pennants will find their place on the walls and ceiling, while festive products such as pinatas, pompoms and rosettes will take pride of place above the famous sweet table .

Regarding the tables, you will have the choice either to make a buffet, or to have each of your guests in a particular place around the tables. In the latter case, large wooden or white -lined tables will be preferred. Adorned with wild flowers, bohemian paper plates and cups , fancy candles and a naked cake delicately tied with a red ribbon, your gourmet and romantic tables will amaze all your guests. Small lanterns with flickering candles can be placed in the village hall and flood the first shades of darkness with their soft light. This birthday decorationwith a country theme can also be unstoppable for a wedding reception , communion or baptism room.

Whatever the theme of your parties, the decoration of the room and the table must revolve around a neat atmosphere filled with colors and modernity.

Don't forget the garland made up of helium balloons in numbers and letters in rose gold or silver, made up of Happy Birthday , the first name or the age of the jubilee. Or the customized happy birthday balloon delicately tied with a ribbon of shimmering color like red or fuchsia pink to put in the first place between a retro lantern, a pennant garland or a flower rosette.

You can also find in our stock a wide choice of party accessories of all kinds, such as a wedding with rose gold or silver heart balloons and soap bubbles, a baby boy or baby girl baptism with pure and refined decoration, a communion with flowers and round balloons or even a Christmas all in red and sequins.

Whatever your theme and your festive idea, you will find in our stock the decoration essential to the undeniable success of your evening.

Children's birthday party with magical decorations in the form of polka dot balloons, magic pinatas and sparkling candles or weddings, baptisms, baby showers and many more will find their decorations for unique and festive themes on our site at prices very advantageous.

Don't forget to enhance your party room with trendy and chic decorative items and to enhance your sweet table with a white table runner adorned with innovatively designed paper tableware.

Whether it's for a girl or a boy , our decorative accessories will complete your birthday party theme effectively. All your parties and all your precious events such as a wedding , a baptism, a baby shower or a first Christmas will be enhanced by a luminous decoration.

You can also find tutorials and ideas for decorations and birthday themes for children on our site. Baby party all in white and pastel, little girl in pink and polka dots and boy in blue and silver … all the trendy themes and color codes will be explained to you in these pages. Table runner decoration, choice of cardboard tableware , ornamental candles on cakes and balloon inflation…, all the requirements for a successful party will be detailed to you.

Birthday party, wedding, baptism, baby shower, Christmas… your chic and trendy room and table decoration at very attractive prices can be found on the pages of our site.

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