How to Make a Cat Cuddly ?

First of all, you should know that not all cats have the same personality. Some cats are very affectionate and others are less so. However, even cats that are not affectionate can become a little more cuddly.

The important thing is to respect his behavior, his character, what he likes, some like to be touched, caressed, others less or not at all. It is up to us to adapt and not the other way around, the cat is not a toy, it is a living being and it is, by nature, independent.

Your cat will come and ask for cuddles when he wants, it's a bit frustrating, I agree, but you have to accept it if you really love your cat. You should never force a cat to come to you, to take it against its will, it is the best way to see it run away.

But before you put a plan in place to get your cat to come to you a little more, you should try to understand why he is so distant

  • Mistreatment at a young age
  • Abandonment
  • Too long alone during the day or as a kitten
  • Poorly weaned or weaned too quickly
  • Lack of socialization
  • Does not like to be disturbed
  • He wants to rest
  • Feels smothered if you surround it with too much affection
  • You are not gentle enough

However, if you want to encourage your furry friend to spend time with you, here are some tips that will help you bond and train your furry friend to appreciate cuddles.


  1. Start early

Have you just welcomed a kitten into your home? It's perfect ! This is the best time to try to build a relationship and to help your feline feel welcome and safe. At this stage, let your kitten explore their new home at their own pace. When he approaches you and lets you grab and lift him, handle him carefully so he gets used to your smell and the feel of your hands. If he comes to you on his own while you're sitting, encourage him with positive words and petting. He will quickly understand that it is on your knees that everything happens!

  1. Never force it

Don't force him to sit on your lap. If he wants to escape, let him go. If you try to coerce him, it will only be more difficult to get him to approach later.

  1. Maintain a bond with your feline

Are you and your cat best friends? If so, you'll have every chance of getting him to sit by your side! Sharing a routine, planning energetic playtime every day, and providing petting will help you gain your kitty's trust and make him appreciate your company. Being the person who feeds him every day can also help you!

  1. Create a safe environment

If your feline feels happy and safe in your presence and at home, it will more easily come and settle in with you. To encourage that sense of security and the attractiveness of your knees, cover them with a cozy blanket and lay down a few toys that your cat enjoys. This should arouse his curiosity.

Try getting on the floor with him to entertain him with his toys and let him ride on top of you if he feels like it. Cats love chases, use a soft toy at the end of a string to have fun together and tire your feline friend a little!

Address him in a soft voice and give him treats and rewards when he sits on your lap for a while.

Remember that the only way to do this is with his consent!

  1. Pick the right time

If your kitty has just woken up from his nap, he will want to stretch and exercise a little and it will be a bad time to invite him to curl up against you. Don't try to calm your kitten down when she's distracted by something and wants to explore!

Instead, wait until he's spent enough energy for the day, after he's walked around the house, played, or eaten. These moments should be suitable to settle comfortably against you!

  1. Use your favorite blanket

Cats love familiar smells. To encourage yours, put his favorite blanket on your lap and invite him to lie down on it. This will help her relax and feel comfortable.


  1. Offer rewards

Corruption can also work! If your kitten hesitates to come and sit on your lap, try some treats! Arrange them on the floor in a line leading up to your knees. This trick will encourage him to come to you and if he enjoys the experience, he will come back for more petting!

  1. Find out what he prefers

Only stroke your kitten where she likes to be touched, usually around the neck and back. And avoid nasty areas like the mouth, belly, and paws or claws. When you find his favorite spot, you'll know he'll start to relax and purr. That said, if he squirms, give him a chance to escape.

  1. Encourage her to stay calm

Make your home a welcoming and warm place for your kitten. A quiet environment encourages your cat to relax and curl up in your lap. A FELIWAY Optimum diffuser plugged into the room your cat frequents the most can help you create a pleasant and reassuring environment by diffusing soothing messages to improve the well-being and happiness of your felines.

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