How to Decorate a Small Girl Bedroom ?

The criteria to take into account before embarking on the decoration of a girl's room

  1. girl's room decoration: your daughter's age

The first thing to consider before decorating your daughter's room is toconsider his age. Indeed, the decoration of a 10-year-old girl's room and the decoration of a teenage girl's room will necessarily be different.

For example, toys will be more present in a child's room when a teenager's room can be decorated with a library and, why not, furniture to accommodate his friends.

  1. girl's room decoration: the size of the room

The dimensions of your daughter's room will also have an impact on her decor. For example, in a small room , you will not be able to install a lot of furniture besides the bed and some small accessories. Similarly, a convertible bed will save space and create a desk area when your daughter grows up.

  1. girl's bedroom decor: your daughter's tastes

For a little girl to feel good in her room, she mustmatch his personality. But remember that a child grows very quickly, and princess dreams can turn into something very different in adolescence.

It is for this reason that we advise you to choose a child's room decoration with personality, but easy to adapt to the preferences of the child. This way, you can quickly switch from child-inspired curtains and walls to more rock'n roll stickers and posters!

Tip nΒ°1: We avoid clichΓ©s in the decoration of the girl's room

Pink for girls, blue for boys... These clichΓ©s no longer exist. Indeed, there are so many colors that it would be a shame to deprive yourself of them. White, apple green, pastel, taupe, brown, beige or grey. You are therefore spoiled for choice. Today, children's bedroom decorations are modern and out of stereotypes! Neutral tones are ideal for creating an up-to-date bedroom. The non-gendered decoration will allow the child to develop his imagination and creativity without limit. By creating a wide and mixed color palette, you can vary the decorative themes and the universe of the child's room without ever encroaching on his imagination and his own universe. Total freedom to imagine yourself as a fairy, a pirate or an adventurer!

Tip nΒ°2: We create a universe specific to the child by decorating the girl's room

Does your daughter love Pocahontas? Why not create a little tipi corner in the bedroom for the bed? This type of layout can even allow you torespect the principles of Montessori pedagogy, in order to give more independence to your child.

This is one idea among many others that you may like. In any case, it is very important to create an atmosphere and an atmosphere adapted to the desires and tastes of your child so that his room becomes his little universe.

Tip nΒ°3: Design furniture, but above all practical for a comfortable girl's room

In a bedroom decor for babies and children, the practical aspect is as important as the visual side. For the children's bed, for example,choose a scalable modelthat adapts to the size and physical evolution of your daughter. Do the same for the choice of your junior child mattress . Indeed, a quality mattress offers optimal comfort and restful sleep. The choice of mattress is therefore essential because sleep plays an important role in the growth of the child.

For the rest of the furniture, it's up to you, buta small bookcase, shelves and a wardrobewill always be of the most beautiful effect and at the same time very useful.

Tip nΒ°4: Do not forget the accessories that play a major role in the decoration of the girl's room

In addition to the furniture, we must not forget the rest of the essential accessories for a child's room. To start, take good care ofchoose quality and original lighting. Light garland, lantern, bedside lamp, small projectors, you have many choices.

Among the other decorative accessories for comfort,the carpet is also a must. Play mats with polka dots, relaxation mats, you can find models for every taste.

Finally, take good care ofchoose curtains, canopies and other canopies that correspond to the style and universe of the rest of the room.

Tip nΒ°5: Bed linen for a beautiful girl's room decoration

Bed linen has a double functionality, both practical and aesthetic. Bed linen consists of flat sheet, duvet cover and pillowcases. To choose girl's bed linen, you must focus above all on quality by favoring noble and comfortable materials. For example, bed linen made of cotton gauze, cotton sateen or linen is ideal for sleeping well. These materials respect the fragile and sensitive skin of children. Children's bed linen must be soft, light and breathable for a good night's sleep!

Finally, the bed linen also brings a pretty decoration to the girl's room. It dresses the bed with style thanks to its color, its patterns or its geometric shapes. The girl's bedding set can be combined, for example, with the color of the rug, curtains or wallpaper for a perfect harmony in the bedroom.

Conclusion : Decorating a girl's room

Ultimately, decorating a girl's room is like decorating a boy's room. You just have to create a good balance between comfort, modernity and practicality, while not forgetting your child's personality. Her bedroom is her universe and she will remain so until her teenage years and maybe even longer.

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