Yuan Meng: from birth to today

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Special because of its coat, its size and its softness, the panda is one of the most protected mammals in the world. Indeed, it is even considered a "national treasure" in China. Thus, with the aim of fighting against the extinction of this species, France decided to welcome in January 2012 two giant pandas to contribute to the sustainability of this species. In 2017, the couple gave birth to Yuan Meng: the first panda born on French soil, bringing the number of Pandas in France to 3, and he's making a lot of noise! Moreover, he attracts a maximum of tourists every day, which has turned the Beauval zoo into a real tourist center. So, if you are interested in the history of this bear cub and you would like to know his journey until today, keep reading.

Yuan Meng panda: where does he come from, his parents and his origin?


From father "Yuan Zi" and mother "Huan Huan", the baby panda of Beauval zoo is not a product of laboratory. Indeed, he was born by artificial insemination because of the fragility of natural reproduction of this species. Of Chinese origin, Yuan Meng's parents arrived in France on January 15, 2012 in a campaign to protect pandas launched by former President Nicolas Sarkozy.
Since then, they have been sheltered by the Parc de Beauval Zoo, which has become a true European tourist center. In 2017, when they were 9 years old, the two black and white ursids gave birth, via artificial insemination, to Yuan Meng: the famous baby panda that attracts more than 600,000 visitors per year in France.

The birth of the young panda at beauval zooย 

Born on an August 4, 2017 in the Centre-Val de Loire region, the divine panda Yuan Meng "saw the light of day" at around 22 hours and 30 minutes. However, we can not say that he was the charming little piece of cabbage so expected. Looking more like a little pink mouse without fur, the little panda weighed about 143 grams and was totally different from his big and colorful parents (black and white). Becoming an only child following the death of his twin brother a few hours after his birth, the young panda is now pampered by his mother with whom he continues to stay at Beauval Zoo. He would have loved to have his panda blanket to overcome this ordeal and to be able to rummage through this collection to find his best companion.

The first months of existence of the baby Yuan Mengย 

After his birth, Yuan Meng's mother took care of the little one, who mainly takes breast milk. Five months later, the tiny panda gained weight and began to exceed 5 Kg, his coat was drawn and he now looks like his parents. He is always accompanied by his mother who teaches him the life of a panda and takes care of him wonderfully. At this age, the little panda is still unable to take care of itself. He lives mainly on milk and is very jovial to tourists' visits. As for his father "Yuan Zi", he never sees him! Indeed, contrary to the human, the pandas grow only with their mother. Generally, the father disappears just after mating and almost never returns.

Birthdays of the baby panda Yuan Meng born in Franceย 

One year after his birth in Beauval zoo, the little panda is already big, or almost. While he is now 30 kg, Yuan Meng celebrated his very first birthday in the presence of his mother and many fans who came to observe him. For the occasion, the new star was even offered a cake of fruit, ice cubes and of course segmented with Chinese bamboo that they love. One year later (04 August 2019), the visitors who came to celebrate the second birthday of the little ursid are shocked. Indeed, the adorable ball of hair that did not exceed 143 grams at birth has become quite large. From now on, Yuan Meng is 78 kg and does everything like his mother.

He continues to enjoy her cuddles and is only alone at night. He has his own lodge and finds the outside once the morning comes where he can enjoy with Huan Huan his mother, 40 kg of bamboo which ensures their growth and keeps them in good shape. For any mother who has a strong bond with her daughter, we can only advise you to have a look at the special mother-daughter outfits of this store.


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