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Are you interested in the unicorn symbol? Did you know that the unicorn has very strong powers? Do you have any idea where the unicorn can be found in Scotland?

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The unicorn is a very famous animal with multiple mystical properties. Its appearance is similar to that of a horse but it has a single horn with emblematic symbolism. The capture of this animal is not easy. Moreover, Scotland is one of the countries that uses the unicorn as a symbol. There are many traces of the unicorn in various places in Scotland.

This article will focus on the following points:

  • The different symbols of the unicorn
  • The real existence of the unicorn
  • The moments of appearance of the myth of the unicorn
  • The presence of the unicorn in Scotland
  • The reasons for using the unicorn as an important symbol in Scotland

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The unicorn - a symbol of innocence and purity

First of all, we notice that the objects related to the unicorn have a very beautiful color. White is a hue that symbolizes innocence and purity. It is a representation of the perfection to which man aspires but which he can never reach. We can say that it is more an inspiration than a tangible thing.

A magical white unicorn that only pure hearts with virtuous deeds see is a similar fact. It reminds of the dream and the miracle that only children with their imagination and creativity can see. The unicorn inspires to keep the heart as young and pure as the children's. It gives the strength to hope and believe in the existence of the miracle.

The unicorn is the symbol of the divination of truth

The single and then pointed horn makes the unicorn famous and is a symbol of unity. The meaning behind it is the unity of heart and mind to reach the ultimate truth. Some people believe that the unicorn by its magic is able to see through the heart of everyone. Others believe that it can pierce the heart of a liar with its horn.

The unicorn - a symbol of bright wisdom and supreme strength.

One of the great features of unicorns is the fact that they have similarities with horses. The unicorn also has the same meaning as the horse, as they both symbolize the journey. In addition to the magical power it has, the unicorn has extraordinary strength and speed. All these qualities present in her allow her to move in all spheres of space and time.

The legend also says that the unicorn killed an elephant with its only horn. This is considered among the proofs of its infinite and miraculous power. Moreover, anyone who drinks from the horn of the unicorn can be healthy. He will also be protected from all diseases. This is why people always run after the unicorn, but it will never appear unless they meet a virgin. The unicorn also represents the highest wisdom sought by man. It is that wisdom which exists beyond the spirit of the world and which leads us to enlightenment and ultimate happiness.

The unicorn - a symbol of femininity

The white hair of the unicorn signifies innocence and purity and inspires femininity in many people. White also represents the moon, with feminine energy, receptivity and virginity. These interesting facts about unicorns and these qualities are also what legend often describes about them. Also, the fact that only a virgin can see a unicorn shows the divine connection between it and femininity.

The unicorn - a symbol of magic and wonder

It is noted in many books that the unicorn is still considered a magical creature inaccessible. It appears only in the surreal dreams of people. It is thus a symbol of the most wonderful, the most miraculous and the most enchanting. It is therefore a beauty that only those with a pure and noble heart and soul can see.

The legend of the unicorn makes it a mysterious and ethereal creature. Indeed, this animal in the stories exerts an infinite attraction on people of all generations. Thus, everyone is fascinated by this creature, children, but also adults. Children love it for its pure and charming image, while adults are attracted by its divine qualities. The unicorn, ever since man has heard of it, is a perfect magical symbol where imagination and dreams meet.



If this question was asked by a child, the answer would be a simple yes. However, it is important to remember that the unicorn has always been a mythical creature. However, at one point in history, most people thought that they did exist. Such thinking was based on the appearance of rhinoceros and narwhal horns in strange places. At that time, imagination was more important than scientific research. So it was easy to convince them that these horned beasts existed and roamed the country.

How long have people believed in unicorns?

This magical animal has amazed people for over 3,000 years and continues to enjoy great popularity. Moreover, it has been mentioned in two of the oldest and most important religious books in the world. These are the Bible and the Koran. Moreover, for a while, the unicorn was even used as a symbol of Jesus Christ.

Why did Scotland choose the unicorn as its national animal?

Unicorns are associated with purity, strength and power. These are all rather admirable qualities! They are also proud and untameable. Both of these words are commonly used by many people to describe the Scots throughout history. For example, since the 15th century, many Scottish monarchs have used the unicorn in their coats of arms.

The kings preferred this mythical beast, as they considered it the best representation of power. Unicorns were believed to be so strong that only kings and maidens could capture them. Kings were able to do so because of their divine right to rule. As far as virgins are concerned, they are as pure and innocent as the unicorns themselves.

Some attractive points about unicorn symbols

The spiritual meaning of the unicorn is purity, being pure of body, mind and soul. If the unicorn appears in a dream, it shows you that there is a solution. Also, note that it is rare for a unicorn to lead, as its purpose is more to reassure. The unicorn will come to you, just like a pet that offers you unconditional love. Likewise, it is an animal that provides the solution to any problem and regulates the energies flowing around people.

The unicorn will only be seen by a select few. Thus, it will only show itself to lightworkers and those who have the right heart. The symbolism that represents the unicorn is peace, serenity, purity, honesty, majesty and caring. These are just a few of the qualities that are bestowed upon anyone who is in its presence.

It is noted that when the unicorn appears, its humble energies infuse all these qualities into the surroundings. They attract all creatures of light to her. In the same way that flame attracts moths and honey tames bears, the Unicorn attracts creatures of light.

A meaningful description of the unicorn

The Unicorn has been the subject of myths and legends since the beginning of time. Typical magic, Arthurian legend, Merlin and even Persian and Oriental cultures pay tribute to this beautiful animal. Calling the unicorn and leading him to become your totem is a simple way to believe. Angels are guides while unicorns are companions. Therefore, to hold a belief in them is to manifest them into reality.

The Romans described unicorns in different ways. The characteristics mentioned are: one horn, two horns, hind legs, mane, lion tail. Hippopotamus front legs are also part of the description. Unicorns have been seen in Persia, Europe, Greece, Gaul and Britain. Since they have been seen in several places, this explains why they have different descriptions. The reconciling aspect would seem to be that they are magical and attracted to people of heart and honor.

Julius Caesar had an obsession with the unicorn. Moreover, he went so far as to execute young girls whose virtue was in doubt. And for good reason, they had failed to attract a unicorn. The winged god of the Romans, Pegasus, is also one of the reasons why the unicorn is represented with wings. The confusion and furtive imagination of artists and historians since that time is to blame. In order to know a true representation of the unicorn, just ask a young child to draw it.


Why is the unicorn Scotland's national animal?

Unicorns have been present in many cultures since the classical age, including the Babylonians and the Indus civilization. Legend has it that unicorns' horns can purify poisoned water, so strong is their healing power.

They are proud and indomitable creatures, so independent and renowned but also difficult to capture or conquer. These characters should sound familiar to anyone who has read Scottish history. In any case, mystical or not, the Scots have always been attracted to what unicorns represent in their entirety.

When did the unicorn become Scotland's national animal?

Heraldry is the only means by which we can have a clear explanation to this question. Heraldry is the age-old practice of designing and displaying coats of arms or blazons. It allows to distinguish groups of people, armies or institutions. If we refer to heraldry, we can see that the unicorn appeared in the royal coat of arms of Scotland. This was around the middle of the 15th century.

Before the union of the crowns in 1603, the arms were held by two unicorns. Things changed when King James VI of Scotland became James I of England. Indeed, he replaced one of the unicorns with the national animal of England. He also replaced the lion as a sign of unity between the two countries. Folklore lovers recognize that lions and unicorns are enemies that never get along.

Where to find unicorns in Scotland?

For thousands of years, people all over the world have believed in the existence of unicorns. However, in 1825, a prominent French naturalist, Georges Cuvier, attempted to dispel this myth. He claimed that an animal with a split hoof could never grow a single horn on its head. This state of affairs shows an opposition to the theories of evolution.

Nevertheless, the spirit of the unicorn has never ceased to exist. People even celebrate National Unicorn Day on April 9 every year.

Do unicorns exist in Scotland?

Unicorns do exist in Scotland. You just need to know where they can be found. If you explore a few places in Scotland, you may see these mythical animals. There are a number of unicorns of different shapes and sizes in Edinburgh.

One fine example is on a heraldic shield near the gates of the Palace of Holyroodhouse. Another example appears in the Royal Apartments of Edinburgh Castle. Many other examples of unicorns are hidden among the Victorian wood carvings in St Giles Cathedral. They can be seen just down the road from Gladstone's Land.

Ctesias by his influence a basis where the myth of the unicorn is built

The earliest written description of a unicorn is attributed to Ctesias in 400 BC. Ctesias was a Greek physician and historian who served at the court of Darius II (r. 424-404 BC). He also served at the court of Artaxerxes II (r. 404-358 BC) of the Achaemenid Empire. Ctesias is the one who wrote Indica. The latter is the first book in Greek on the regions of India, Tibet and the Himalayas. Ctesias was never in this region himself. However, he relied on the information brought to him by travelers along the Silk Road.

Indica was both widely read and quoted, but also ridiculed for some of its more fanciful descriptions. This book survives today thanks to the work of others. These include the fragments summarized by Photius in the 9th century CE. The first mention of a unicorn-like animal appears in the 25th fragment. The colored animal described by Ctesias is probably a fanciful representation of the Indian rhinoceros.

Rhinoceros horn is considered in India to have healing properties. It was at times made into drinking vessels and decorated with three colored bands. However, the belief in the magical healing powers of the unicorn horn is an integral part of the unicorn myth.

Some places where the unicorn can be found

It is noted today that unicorns were only brought in the most glittery corner of a children's playroom. It can also be seen on a cereal box in rainbow colors. It's a topic rarely discussed. But these days, wide-eyed unicorns are everywhere.

From cartoons to movies to fashion to social media, they play a more important role than ever. Indeed, they have largely impacted the public consciousness. To top it off, there is now a National Unicorn Day celebrated on April 9. When you search for the hashtag "NationalUnicornDay" on Instagram, you will enter a world of bright and even multi-colored cupcakes.

Aside from all of this, we can't forget about JK Rowling's Harry Potter novel, which was inspired by many real-life locations in Edinburgh. This novel contains stories of magical unicorn blood and wands infused with unicorn hair. But none of that matters to Mr. Hanley, who saw his first unicorn over 60 years ago. He saw the unicorn as he was growing up in the Canongate neighborhood near the Palace of Holyroodhouse.

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