Owl drawing: how to draw the animal ?

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Do you like owls and want to draw one?¬†ūü¶Č

We will help you by giving you ideas that will allow you to draw a beautiful owl. Here is a taste for you about this topic:

By its particular characteristics, the owl is the vector of many deceptions. This animal is a being that intervenes in spirituality, the supernatural, magic. Due to its specific characteristics, its design is really delicate.

After reading this article, you will be able to:

  • To draw an owl;
  • To discuss interesting facts about owls;
  • To draw an owl in pencil.

    Without further ado, let's get started now!

    How to draw an owl


    Owls have become very popular lately, so let's draw a horned owl or a virgin owl together .

    How to draw an owl in pencil , step by step?

    • Draw its beak

    Pretty easy to do, to get your owl's beak, draw a big vertical drop of water. To which you will add a small line below, to distinguish the two parts of the beak.

    • Draw the eyes

    To make the eyes, opt for large black circles, with an equally wide outline. To give your owl all its charisma. Then, draw a wide circle around each eye, to highlight them well.

    • Draw the head

    For this step, give your owl a Wolverine haircut, and draw him a little goatee. This will delineate the size of his head. Then draw two lines from the base of the ears. A line that extends just a little lower, and another that connects to the goatee and part of his body.

    • Draw the wing

    For the body of the owl, consider drawing a large side wing between the first line and the goatee. A large wing that you can perfect by adding feathers to it. Then draw the second line to the bottom of the owl, parallel with the wing. Then connect them using three long feathers, which will form the tail of your owl. And for more realism, leave small traces of feathers on your owl's chest.

    • Draw the legs

    To make the legs of your owl, take inspiration from the legs of eagles, wide with visible grids. Then draw a tree branch, on which the owl will come to rest.

    • Switch to color

    Indeed, after having finished the frame of your owl, all you have to do is give it a nice covering, and hang it on the wall.


    Let's start with a sketch. For the first steps, do not exert too much pressure on the pencil, the lines must be light and regular.

    • Step 1: Draw an oval on the top of the sheet.¬†Leave room at the bottom for the owl's body.¬†It doesn't have to be flat.¬†This is just a sketch for the owl's head.
    • Step 2: In your future head, draw two intersecting lines - these will help you position the owl's head features correctly later.
    • Step 3:¬†Draw two small circles¬†- the base for the eyes - above the horizontal line.
    • Step 4: Draw two triangular shapes on the owl's head as a base for the feather tufts in place of the ears.
    • Step 5: Where the lines intersect, draw the base of the beak in a kite or diamond shape.
    • Step 6:¬†Draw a large angled oval¬†to represent the torso, below the head.¬†It may be imperfect - it's just a sketch.
    • Step 7: Draw a U-shaped arc under the torso to indicate the future tail.
    • Step 8: Draw curved lines at the bottom of the sheet, under the torso - these will be the legs.¬†Start with a C-shaped arch, then add a few more curved lines to complete the base of the legs.

    Here is the first sketch! Next, you'll need to push your pencil harder to create a more explicit drawing.

    • Step 9:¬†Draw an owl beak¬†, guided by the diamond shape as the base.¬†Smooth the edges.
    • Step 10:¬†Draw tufts of feathers¬†based on the original triangular shape.¬†They are not horns or ears.¬†These are just tufts of feathers, so draw quick, short strokes.¬†Inside each of the ears, draw a line, the same quick, short strokes;¬†bring this line up to the owl's eyes and beak.¬†Do the same with the other ear.¬†The end result will look like a V.
    • Step 11:¬†Draw the eyes of the owl¬†, based on the rough circles.¬†Draw lines at the top of the eyes to indicate the eyelids.¬†Darken the eye area and draw a small line under the eyes for more detail.¬†Inside each of the eyes, draw a circle and darken the pupil.¬†Leave part of the pupil unobscured to create a gaze effect.
    • Step 12: Use short, precise strokes to complete the head.¬†Remember the initial oval shape.
    • Step 13: Add additional rows for details.¬†Use short, sharp strokes when adding details to create a feather effect.
    • Step 14: While drawing the legs, look at the lines of the sketch.¬†You can cut the lines to make the toes of the paws thicker;¬†add a rounded claw to the end of each.¬†Draw the rest of the toes in the same way.¬†In a normal sitting position, the owl has two toes, one in front and one behind.¬†During the drawing, I forgot it, then you can change your drawing - it's not long.
    • Step 15: Doris the body with the oval base.¬†Along the sides, draw curved lines - these will be the wings.¬†Remember that on the right side the line overlaps the body and goes all the way to the tail.
    • Step 16: Draw the tail, the base is a U-shaped line. Add a few lines like this to¬†simulate feathers¬†.
    • Step 17 (optional): To keep the owl from appearing to be suspended in mid-air, place some sort of support (a rock or branch) near its legs.
    • Step 18 (optional): To make the owl look cleaner, erase any rough lines if possible.¬†It is not necessary to erase everything.¬†You can also¬†redraw the lines¬†you accidentally erased.
    • Last step (optional)¬†: darken certain areas to give your eggs volume and three-dimensionality.¬†Determine the source of the light when you darken so that your shadows don't clash with each other.¬†Alternate pencil pressure to achieve different degrees of toning quality.

    You can add character to your design for more detail. The diagram may look more complex than it actually is. It mainly consists of dots of different sizes and small chaotic lines.

    Interesting facts about owls

    Owls have symbolized wisdom and tranquility since the days of the ancient Greek goddess Athena who, according to legend, always carried an owl on her shoulder.

    Owls create strong families, do not separate throughout their lives, and are very invested in raising owls. For example, it is noticed that some individuals bring small snakes to the nest, so the owls not only feed, but also feel the struggle and competition from childhood.

    *We make you discover a sublime owl pendant. This jewel was hand drawn by us and made in silver with zircon stones.

    Owls have excellent hearing and developed communication. The famous "whooshing" of the owl means defending its territory against unwanted guests.

    Owls like to sit in the rain, taking their time to shelter from the weather.

    How to draw an owl in pencil


    Now we will look at how to draw an owl in pencil step by step. To draw an hib or we need to understand the structure of feathers and wings. The feathers are different: small and fluffy, which are located on the head, chest, legs, medium-sized, which are in the upper part of the feather, and long, which are in the central and lower part of the wing. We have already looked at the structure of the wings in the lesson here.

    Bird feather 

    • Step 1: We need to make an accurate sketch.¬†With the help of thin lines we draw the contours of the head, body and wings.¬†Click on the image to enlarge.
    • Step 2:¬†Draw a beak¬†, the leg area and the feathers.
    • Step 3:¬†Draw the eyes and pupils¬†, these are incomplete circles.¬†Now it is necessary to erase the outline (lighten) and in its place by lines of different lengths create the appearance of feathers.¬†Then we will draw the legs and the trunk.
    • Step 4: In this drawing, the light source is on the left, so the shadow is darker on the right.¬†Add oblique shading lines on the head, representing small soft feathers.¬†Pay close attention to the directions of the strokes, they are important as they help convey the illusion of depth of the different shapes. Draw feathers of different shapes¬†and lengths on the wing.¬†Add a few curved strokes on the feet of the paws to indicate the direction in which the tiny soft feathers are growing.
    • Step 5: Remember that the hatch lines used to draw the feathers vary in length and hue.¬†The outlines are not sharply cut, but rather feathered (or jagged) to give a more realistic look.

    With the 2H pencil, easily shade the feathers of the left and central part of the legs, the lower part of the torso. With the 2B pencil, make an intermediate shadow on the right side. Then, using the 2B and 4B pencils, add shades of darker feathers to the lower body, right shoulder, under the beak and under the wing. Draw a circle around the perimeter of the iris of the eye as an outer edge.

    • Step 6: Draw these outer edges in 2B pencil.¬†Use the 6B pencil to shade the pupil, leaving a highlight and drawing a darker shade on the beak.
    • Step 7: Using the 2H and HB pencil, fill in the owl's eye and beak.

    How to draw an owl for beginners

    • Step 1:¬†Start¬†drawing an owl¬†with two oval shapes and leading lines on the head.
    • Step 2:¬†Next, draw the torso, the shape of the tail, and then draw the line for the legs.
    • Step 3:¬†Next,¬†draw the beak¬†, eyes and feathers on the owl's head.
    • Step 4:¬†Draw the legs and nails¬†, then start drawing the wing.
    • Step 5:¬†Next, draw the feathers on the wings and tail.
    • Step 6:¬†Now draw feathers on the chest of the owl.
    • Step 7:¬†Well done!¬†Your drawing is complete.¬†Thank you for drawing on our site.

    How to draw an owl


    First method to draw an owl:

    • Step 1:¬†The shape of the head -¬†Draw an oval¬†by dividing it into 4 parts.
    • Step 2:¬†Top of the head - Draw the ears, rounded edges.
    • Step 3:¬†Eyes and beak - Draw an octagonal shape for the eyes and beak.
    • Step 4:¬†Detail of the face - Detail the eyes and draw 3 feathers on the head.
    • Step 5:¬†Body of an owl -¬†¬†Draw an oblong body of an owl¬†and its legs.
    • Step 6:¬†Wings -¬†¬†Draw the wings on each side of the body.¬†Erase outlines - color.

              Second method for drawing an owl.

              1. Eye contour:  First, draw two circles, which will be the eye contours of the future owl.
              2. Students:  Inside these circles, draw two black circles, leaving the light circles inside. Our owl now has students with strengths.
              3. The beak: Now, under the eyes, in the middle, you need to draw a small triangle with the pointed end down. This is our owl's beak.
              4. Body Outline: Outline  the body of the owl as shown in the photo, leaving more room at the bottom for our owl's belly and plumage .
              5. Ears:  On the sides of the top should draw a pointed feathered ears.
              6. Wings:  On the sides of the body, just below the eyes, are arranged two narrow, vertical and elongated ovals, with a more acute bottom. These will be the wings of a folded owl.
              7. Feet and branches:  Now put our owl on a branch. Draw on both sides of the body three small vertical ovals - these are legs, and behind them a branch.
              8. Plumage and leaves:  All that remains is to add details! The branch can be decorated with fresh leaves, but the feathers should be drawn. From the beak, let's draw a line on each side to visually separate the head and body of our bird. And two lines at the bottom of the head - it will be a feathered belly, which can be shown with small curved lines in a staggered pattern.

              Our owl is ready!

              All that remains is to paint it with beautiful colors! Let's use our imagination :)

              How to draw a realistic owl in pencil

              • Step 1 :

              We are not going to draw two circles. We will instead sketch the shape of the future owl. Since you cannot draw an owl without a photo, choose a photo to your liking. The design principle will remain the same. So we draw the outline of an owl (or an owl if you choose owls).

              • Step 2:

              This is the most important step: drawing the crosshairs correctly. It will help us draw the owl's eyes and mask correctly. The eyes should be at the same level. If you don't draw the crosshairs, the drawing may not work.

              • Step 3:

              The reticle determines the inclination of the head and the position of the eyes. Draw all the necessary auxiliary lines, otherwise one eye will be higher than the other. Crosshair is a simple and reliable way to correctly draw heads (any head). Sketch the location of the bird's eyes and beak. 

              • Step 4:

              Make a sketch of an owl , specify what the wings will look like and where the legs are. Pull the ears, because it's a short-eared owl. Mark the mask according to the cross. Sketch the general proportions correctly. It's not as easy as it looks - looking ahead, we have a little secret - it looks like the owl's body came out short, and needs to be fixed at some stage much more advanced. Take a good look at the proportions.

              This is important: when you draw on the table plan (if you have paper on the table), you see the drawing at an angle. It's best to take a board and tape the paper, and hold the board in front of your eyes at a 45 degree angle. It is so that there is no distortion that artists draw on easels.

              • Step 5:

              Draw shadows so we can see where the owl has wings and where it has legs.

              • Step 6:

              You can gently shade the shadows on our owl. The dark places will be those where the light is less strong. The bird's muzzle and head are the brightest and most contrasting. Important: the owl's feathers grow in a certain direction, so you have to draw them correctly too. You can't draw feathers sticking out at an angle from the owl's body, it would look unnatural. To keep in mind feathers, we've drawn arrows to show that feathers grow from top to bottom.

              • Step 7:

              Our drawing of the owl is starting to get more detailed - we've drawn the owl's head and eyes. Of course we will come back to them.

              • Step 8:

              We continue to draw in pencil . Here it is possible to outline the eyes with a soft pencil and a dark outline around the mask of an owl.

              • Step 9:

              Draw the owl's feathers . Take a good look: on the belly of the owl the feathers are short, like fluff, and on the wings they are long and hard, they allow the bird to fly. And all feathers are feathers. Drawing feathers is not easy, but it is a calm and peaceful activity. Take your time, otherwise it will be ugly. And don't dwell on one point - look at the picture as a whole. Otherwise, the owl will appear as drawn in several parts, unrelated to each other. Draw in full, in different places of the image, bringing everything together in a single composition.

              • Step 10:

              The most important thing is that the feathers are in the shape of the body. This means that even white feathers where there is shadow will be dark. So while drawing the feathers, try not to make your owl look flat.

              • Step 11:

              We almost drew the owl in pencil . Remember that this is a work of several hours and it will not be done quickly. But here it is nearing completion. Now it is necessary to clean the dirt from the pencil and finish drawing the owl's ear. 

              • Step 12:

              Now we have drawn an owl.

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