Meaning of the Lotus Flower

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The lotus flower is a symbol that is usually used to express a rather special feeling. But is it really used for the right purpose? If you want to know the answer to this question, we invite you to read on.

The lotus flower is a rather special plant. There are several variations of it in different countries. The symbolism around it also varies from one region to another.

In this article, you will discover:

  • Different interpretations depending on the country

  • The lotus flower in India

  • The lotus flower in Egypt

  • The lotus flower in other countries

Without further ado, let's discover the meaning and symbolism of the lotus flower.

Different interpretations depending on the country


The lotus flower is generally associated with personal fulfillment and purity. However, this idea is not accepted by all. In some parts of the world, it represents something else entirely.

Today, the specific shape of the lotus flower is used to decorate jewelry. Some people even get a tattoo of the lotus flower on their back, arm or leg. Thus, the lotus flower has a very strong symbolism. No one would bother to wear a representation of this plant if it were not the case.

In the modern world, people are content to wear a drawing or image of the lotus flower because it is pretty. Only a handful of people really want to understand its meaning. But in some cultures, the lotus flower is only worn in very specific circumstances. That's why it's important to know its meaning, especially if you like to travel to Eastern countries.

Depending on where you are, some occasions are appropriate to wear a lotus flower, and others are not. To avoid offending the culture of the country, it is better to try to understand the meaning of this plant where you are.

The lotus flower in India

India is a religious and very spiritual country. It is fortunate to have on its soil a species of flower that is unique to it. The sacred lotus (or Indian lotus) is the national flower of the country, but also of Vietnam. Unlike the water lily flower, which floats on the surface of the water, this one is perched a little higher. This is a unique feature in the family of aquatic flowers.

The lotus has always been considered a divine symbol in Eastern religions (such as in Buddhism). This plant is associated with several deities, such as Brahma, Vishnu (and his lotus eye), the goddesses Sarasvati and Lakshmi. Moreover, Buddha himself would have grown lotus flowers on his steps. Although this deity is always represented in a seated position, she would have accomplished this feat at the time when she moved by walking.

The lotus is very present in Indian art and architecture. It is used as both a religious symbol and a decorative ornament.


The lotus has a very strong imagery, as it serves as thrones for deities. In India, a blooming lotus flower is considered a sign of soul fulfillment. It symbolizes purity, fertility, prosperity and longevity. As a lotus seed takes a very long time to germinate, it also symbolizes eternity. Not to mention the fact that the flower gets the nutrients it needs to bloom from the mud. In accordance with the beliefs of Karma, this state symbolizes the suffering through which humans must pass before attaining enlightenment and enlightenment.

The lotus flower has inspired a position that lives up to its name. The "Lotus position" is a posture which consists in crossing one's legs while taking care not to show one's feet. The knees try to imitate the petals of the flower. Buddhists adopt this posture when they want to meditate. It is also a typical Hindu yoga position.

The lotus flower in Egypt

The blue lotus of Egypt has a very special history. Originally, it was a nymph who died of jealousy towards the god Heracles. The plant would have been brought by Persians around 500 BC. The lotus is represented on the frescoes and capitals of Egyptian temples by hieroglyphs. It would symbolize rebirth and reincarnation. This belief is due to its ability to renew its flower (faded all night) in the morning. Moreover, this is the reason why representations of the lotus flower adorn the tombs.

The Egyptian blue lotus contains a compound called "apomorphine". This product would have anaesthetic and soothing properties. Today, it is used to perfume tea.

The lotus flower in other countries

In China, the lotus is considered a sacred flower. It symbolizes elegance and purity. The lotus is often quoted in Chinese poetry, mainly neo-Confucianism.

In 1990, Macau was handed back to China by Portugal. To mark the event, it was decided that the lotus flower would be the emblem of this administrative region. Now the plant is represented on the national flag and coat of arms.

If you look a little to the West, you will know that America also has its own species of lotus. The Nelumbo Lutea or Yellow Lotus was mainly a crop plant. The Amerindians fed on its roots. In the country, the lotus flower is mainly appreciated for its beauty. There is not much to say about the symbolism.

Now you know what the lotus flower really means. You know the symbolism around it. You know that the lotus has different meanings depending on where you are. So you know the best occasions to wear one.


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