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How to travel with a baby on a plane?

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Traveling by plane with a baby can seem scary. You don't know how your child may react. To limit the risk of him crying throughout the flight, good preparation is necessary. Travel conditions, identity papers to provide or equipment to change your diaper: our advice for flying with baby so that the flight goes well.

Taking plane tickets to travel with baby: what you need to know


From what age can a baby fly?

Be aware that there are no minimum age regulations for flying. Airlines set their own rules. Most of them accept very young babies. However, it is advisable to travel with a baby who is at least one week old, so that he is less vulnerable to germs. If he was born premature, contact his pediatrician for his opinion.

What are the conditions for air travel for babies?

When you buy your plane tickets, remember to specify that you are traveling with a baby. Some airlines offer specific seats allowing parents to install their baby comfortably in a suitable seat or carrycot. You can also choose to travel with baby on your lap. The choice is yours, taking into account the duration of the flight.

What identity papers should I take to travel with a baby by plane?

Remember: baby must have the same papers as his parents. If you are taking a domestic flight or traveling within Europe, the baby ID card is sufficient. For a more distant destination, the passport is compulsory. Even at 3 months, baby must have his passport if you want to take him to the other side of the world.

Until its 2 years, you can benefit from a reduction on the price of the ticket. Some companies even offer free airline tickets for babies.

What to take in the diaper bag?

Some airlines allow babies to take cabin baggage even if they are traveling on your lap. If this is not your case, you will have to take your baby's diaper bag as your own cabin baggage. You must remember to put some spare clothes in it, enough to change and feed your baby. Small pots and milk are accepted when going through security. Plan what to feed your baby and change it in large quantities to prepare for a possible delay in your flight. Do not hesitate to take toys to occupy baby.

How to change babies on a plane?

Planes are equipped with changing tables. They are usually in the toilet. Do not hesitate to ask the flight attendants if you cannot find them. Even if the space is tight, it makes it easier for you to take care of your little one. Try as much as possible to make a change just before taking the plane with baby.

How to prevent baby from having earache during a flight?

During take-off and landing, changes in air pressure can hurt baby's ears. To limit his earaches, give him a bottle, the breast or the pacifier. Sucking is the only way to keep his ears from hurting.

How to help baby sleep during a plane trip?

On a long-haul trip, prefer a night flight so that baby can fall a sleep more easily. This solution also allows him to suffer less from the trip, just like you. Some airlines offer a loan of cradle or carrycot. Do not hesitate to use it to install baby, he will be very comfortable to fall asleep.

If you are traveling by plane with baby on your lap, do not hesitate to create a small cozy nest for him. A small cushion can do the trick with a plaid for example.


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