How to Succeed with a Baby Room Decoration of Granddaughter ?

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Are you expecting a little girl? Do you need to start decorating the room you will use to welcome her? Here are some tips for decorating a girly and trendy room.

Combine pink with other colors

Even if you're expecting a baby girl, that's no reason to use only pink. That would be too heavy. For a girly and trendy baby room decor, combine pink with other colors. White, for example, is an all-purpose color. It will bring elegance and brightness to the room. The same goes for light brown, gray, etc.. You can also play on the cameos of pink colors: from powdered pink to light orange for a dynamic and more aesthetic decoration.

The question is: how to play with the color pink in the baby's room? You can start with the paintings on the walls. Then, you can also play with the furnishing accessories, even with the linens and curtains that you will use. Bring, here and there, a few notes of color.

Focus on a soft and warm atmosphere


For the baby's room decoration, we insist on the importance of the atmosphere. For a little girl, a soft and warm theme will be appropriate. Young parents tend to opt for fairly classic themes such as princess or unicorn. However, you can also choose floral motifs, teddy bears or even cartoon characters.

In addition to playing on the details of your design as in the toys or accessories of all kinds, you can highlight the theme of your decoration in the wallpapers or in the patterns on the walls.

Preferably wooden furniture


Preferably, opt for wooden furniture for your baby's room. For a little girl, you are spoilt for choice in the furniture stores. It can be a crib in the shape of a princess castle, a personalized storage closet or a designer changing table.

Wood is a staple in interior design, prized for its strength as well as its elegance. Not only does this ensure that your little girl's bedroom decor will last for years to come, but it also guarantees its success.

On the shelves of specialized platforms, you can have assortments of furniture for hundreds of euros. There are even evolving furniture for a few thousand euros. These are the accessories that can go from a crib to a bed with a desk in a few adjustments. This is practical in the long run.

According to testimonials, it is easier to decorate a little girl's room than a little boy's room. It leaves room for more perspectives. Not to mention that there are more decorative accessories and furniture on the market. For an average of 500 to 3,000 euros, depending on the size and characteristics of the room in question, you can successfully decorate the room of your future princess.


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