How To Draw A Ladybug?

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Have you ever tried to draw a ladybug? Are you dying to get a nice one after a few lessons? Do you want to add a secret touch to the beauty of ladybugs?

Your favorite store is constantly struggling to find tailor-made solutions to all your concerns. This time, we turned to you to reveal some techniques to be able to represent a ladybug in the best possible way. To go faster:

The Cocinellidae, in French ladybugs, are a family of insects of the order Coleoptera, also called ladybugs, or colloquially or regionally bete à bon Dieu or pernettes. This taxon includes about 6000 species distributed all over the world.

Before finishing this article, you will be able to understand for yourself 

  • A precise definition of ladybugs;
  • Some characteristics of ladybugs;
  • Three ways to draw a ladybug.

After reading this article, you will have an ease in drawing a ladybug.

Without delaying plans, let's get to the heart of the matter!

Draw your ladybug in 11 easy steps

If you are confused just look at the photo at each step by step for a reference

  • 1st step how to draw a ladybug:
  • 2nd step how to draw a ladybug:
  • 3rd step how to draw a ladybug:
  • 4t step how to draw a ladybug:
  • 5th step how to draw a ladybug:
  • 6th step how to draw a ladybug:
  • 7th step how to draw a ladybug:
  • 8th step how to draw a ladybug:
  • 9th step how to draw a ladybug:
  • 10th step how to draw a ladybug:
  • Last step how to draw a ladybug:

How to draw your ladybug step by step

First method


As easy as it may seem, the representation of a ladybug is not so easy for everyone. In reality, you just have to follow a few specific steps to end up with a nice drawing.

What you need:


Your favorite marker

Coloring supplies (optimal).

When drawing the ladybug, it's best to follow our drawing instructions exactly. Start with a circle. Then make two more circles. One is for the body and the other is for the "real" head of our beetle. Next, draw a line on the top of the body to separate the two wings . Also add three short legs. Of course, he actually has six legs, but from our perspective, you can only see three. The others are hidden behind the body. Follow the other steps of the instructions and your beetle will be quickly drawn!

Quite simply, you can do it as follows:

  • Step 1

First, start by drawing a circle or an oval shape . This will be your ladybug's body.

  • 2nd step

During this step, you need to draw a curved line from right to left.

  • Step 3


    Draw the wings . Draw a straight line from top to bottom - stop just before you reach the oval shape. Draw a small "triangle". 

    • Step 4

    Draw dots . It can be 7, as it's the most popular number when it comes to ladybugs, but you can draw more or less if you want. If you draw the 7, make one between the two wings, and a 3 on each of the wings.

    • Step 5

    Draw antennae and legs . You can make the antennae straight, curved, or even a little spiral.

    • Step 6

    Draw the eyes . Also draw dots on the end of the antennae and legs. It will make your drawing even prettier.

    • Step 7 

    Once you have finished drawing, you can color it . The ladybugs we often see here are red with black dots . But there are completely different colors in the ladybug family. Some just have a lot more or less spots. And others are yellow with black spots, for example, or black with orange spots.

    Exciting, isn't it? So you can color your drawing as you wish! And since ladybugs are a symbol of luck, you can also give your drawing as a gift! Maybe someone you wish the best of luck? Or someone you really love? We're sure you'll find some great ideas!

    Second method 


    You can print the main construction lines and start drawing on tracing paper , or you can draw the grid yourself by following these steps:

    1. Draw a rectangle defining the proportions and limits of the drawing.
    2. Draw a horizontal line and a vertical line crossing in the middle of the rectangle, dividing it into four equal parts.
    3. Draw another horizontal line dividing the top half of the rectangle into equal parts. Draw an identical line that divides the bottom half of the rectangle.
    4. Draw a vertical line that divides the left half of the rectangle into equal parts. Draw an identical line that divides the right side of the rectangle.
    • Step 1

    Mark the width and height of the image. Trace the outline of the head and draw an oval for the abdomen . Draw a center line through the ladybug's body.

    • 2nd step

    Draw the ladybug's thorax.

    • Step 3

      Draw guidelines for the insect's legs and antennae.

      • Step 4

      Draw the segments of the legs and the parts of the antennae .

      • Step 5

      Finish the contours of the legs , head and thorax of the ladybug.

      • Step 6

      Work over the entire design, paying particular attention to detail.

      • Step 7

      Draw the outline , trying to vary the thickness and darkness of the lines. Refine details and add terrain. Erase the guidelines.

      Third method


      Learn how to draw a ladybug with more details than just a red body and a few black spots. There is much more than that.

      For starters, did you know that his seven blackheads are symmetrical , his legs are sectioned, and his feet are curved ? Drawing is all about noticing details, so it's a good place to start.

      Once your ladybug is drawn, consider painting it a color other than red. Did you know that there are around 5000 different species, including those that are black, orange and even pink?


      • watercolor paper
      • Colouring pencils
      • Pencil sharpener
      • watercolor painting

      Draw the "pronotum" .

      Draw the "elytra" below.

      Add the head and antennae.

      Draw two front legs.

      Add the two middle legs.

      Add the hind legs and seven points.

      Trace with a black pencil and paint in red

      Add more red on one side to make a shadow.

      Paint the rest of the body black.

      Fourth method


      Draw easy ladybugs . Draw with a permanent black marker and you can paint over your cute little insects. Red is always nice, but who says they can't be rainbow colored too? When you are the artist, anything is possible.


        • Step 1

        Students draw circles on their paper until it is full. Remember that space is needed between ladybugs for legs etc.

        •  2nd step

        Small heads are added to the ladybugs, along with center lines , V-shaped ends, antennae, and dots.

        • Step 3

          Drawings are traced using a Sharpie marker

          • Step 4

          Insects are painted in watercolor.

            •  Step 5

            The bottom is also painted.

            In sum, we can affirm that to carry out any drawing, one needs discipline. Also, you need to follow steps in order to do a flawless job. In addition, the tips we have made available to you will help you improve your drawings.

            In view of the information received, we can therefore say that you are an expert in ladybug drawing. You will no longer have difficulty drawing a ladybug. In addition, you can help people around you to make the different ladybug designs. If you liked this kind of article on drawings, we have plenty of articles on our site that might interest you. So don't hesitate to take a look at our blog, where you will find lots of articles of this kind like this excellent article on how to draw a peacock.


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