How To Draw An Eagle?

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Do you like eagles? Are you often fascinated by the flight of the animal in the sky? Do you want to treat yourself by drawing an eagle?

We have concocted some essential information for you.

The eagle is one of the most fearsome birds in the sky, beautiful and large. If you don't have it in your house, you can opt for a drawing. All you have to do is use your imagination or follow the advice we give you here.

In this blog article, we discuss the following main axes to carry out our theme:

  • The nature and definition of the eagle
  • How to draw an eagle head step by step
  • How to draw a white eagle head with pencils
  • How to simply draw an eagle
  • How to draw a golden eagle
  • How to draw a flying eagle
  • How to draw an eagle perched on a branch
  • How to draw a cartoon eagle

Without further ado, let's get to the heart of the matter!

Nature and definition


The eagle is a large and beautiful bird . It is considered one of the greatest predators among flying creatures . An adult eagle measures between 75 and 90 cm long and its wingspan is more than two meters , which can make it carry a lamb in its legs. The eagle is distinguished from other birds mainly by its size and its large wings. Its wide and long wings , as well as its rounded and powerful beak, give it a formidable appearance.

Thanks to its huge wings, it can develop a very high flight speed and soar for hours looking for prey. Its eyes, like binoculars, can see prey, even a small vole, from a great distance. The image of an eagle appears on the flags of many countries.

Drawing an eagle is not so difficult. The main thing is to properly draw your wings. It is also important to properly draw the beak and the eyes , distinctive elements of the animal. In this lesson we will learn different methods of drawing an eagle.

Draw an eagle head step by step

  1. Let's start by drawing our future eagle by drawing a circle to get the head. The eagle's head will be drawn in profile, and we will draw a slightly curved horizontal line in the upper half of the circle.
  2. Now is the time to pull the plug. We all know that an eagle's beak is slightly curved and has a hook shape . Let's round the edge of the beak and lower it so that it has a pointed end.
  3. Let's draw the rest of the beak, namely the lower part of the mouth of the beak and the line of the eagle's nostrils .
  4. Now let's draw the plumage and move on to the fifth step.
  5. Draw the eye . The eye must be very expressive and penetrating. Let's draw the eye with a well-defined pupil.
  6. In the last stage of the drawing, we will finish the plumage of the bottom of the head, in the neck area. We'll also draw a few random lines that symbolize our eagle's head plumage .
  7. After you're done, erase any auxiliary lines you had to draw.
  8. Congratulations, you have succeeded! You have drawn the head of the eagle step by step, and now you just have to paint it.

    Draw the head of a bald eagle with pencils


    In this part, we will use different types of pencils to be able to achieve this. Here are the pencils we will be using for this lesson. 4H and 2H are for light shading. HB, for sketching. B is for dark outlines and shadows. The 8B was used for very dark shadows in the background.

    Come on, let's get started.

    1. Begin your drawing with a sketch of the eagle's head. Use auxiliary lines if you need them. Remember to lighten the outlines and erase unnecessary lines from the sketch .
    2. If you have a basic sketch, add a little more detail, but don't get too carried away yet.
    3. Now shade the background . There are endless ways to make the background. Be creative with them.
    4. It is easier to work starting with the eyes. Let's use a B pencil for the dark areas and 4H to shade the feathers.
    5. Now paint over the beak . We used 2H for this because it's a bit darker than 4H.
    6. Start shading the mouth, in one layer for now. Let's use 2H and HB pencils for this.
    7. Now add dark spots in the mouth using the B and 8B pencils .
    8. Now move away from the white feathers and focus on the neck and wing, using HB and 8B to get some really dark undertones here.
    9. Now just finish the drawing by adding light 4H pencil shadows on the feathers. You'll probably smudge the dark hatching a bit as you draw, so start over with 8B and HB pencils.

    Simply draw an eagle

    1. Let's start by making the sketches we will need for our future eagle. First you need to draw a circle for the head and then, coming into contact with the first circle, you need to draw another circle, but of a larger shape, which will be the body of our eagle .
    2. Once you've done that, you can sketch the outline of the bird, namely the outline of the eagle's hips and legs, the outline of the tail, and the shape of the wings.
    3. Let's start by drawing the head of the eagle, then the outline of the beak. Once you've done that, you can draw the eagle's chest , neck, and back .
    4. Draw the beak and then the little round eyes . When drawing the plumage on the haunches of the eagle, be sure to draw them exactly on the back of the bird's thigh. Draw the claw paws protruding from the shin. Do not forget to add thin lines of detail in the area of ​​​​the head and torso of the eagle, which will visually add volume to our drawing.
    5. Now draw the wings and the tail . The wings are fanned out towards the body of the eagle. After that we pull the tail. The tail has larger feathers that point downwards. Once you have done this you can finish drawing the feathers and sketch the stump the eagle is standing on.
    6. In the last step, it is enough to draw the outline of the left wing and add plumage to it. Finish drawing the final touches in the claw paw area and draw the stump. Finish your drawing with a few dotted lines drawing the eagle's feathers. Delete all auxiliary lines and you're done!
    7. Congratulations, you have succeeded! You drew this beautiful eagle ! All you have to do is paint it.

      Draw the golden eagle

      1. Report the width and height of the drawing. Draw two ovals , one for the head and one for the body of the golden eagle . Draw a line that will serve as the center of its beak, head, and body.
      2. Draw the shape of the bird's body and neck. Add a flexible guide for its tail and wings.
      3. Define the shape of the wings and tail of the golden eagle. Define his mouth.
      4. Draw the beak of the bird .
      5. Add the bird's eyes and feathers.
      6. Work on the full figure, paying close attention to detail.
      7. Work on the outline of the golden eagle , trying to vary the thickness and darkness of the line. Perfect the details and add the clouds. Erase all the lines that served as your guide.

      Draw a flying eagle

      1. Draw the basic outline of an eagle  : Draw an arc with a depression in the center, this will be the base of the wing outline. From the center of this arc, draw an oval , angled slightly to the right. This oval will be the outline of the eagle's body. The oval should end about half way down the right wing arc. Keep this proportion, it is very important.
      2. Draw the general outline of the wings and head  : Now you need to draw the rough shape of the wings, tail and head. First, draw a circle in the middle of the arc for the wings. Then, from the middle of the left oval, draw an arc all the way to the end of the top line, but leave a little space between them . With the right wing, do the same, but the lower arc draws a longer upper line. On the right side of the oval, draw two rounded lines for the future tail of the eagle.
      3. Drawing the body shape of an eagle  : In order to draw the shape of the eagle more accurately, you will need to follow the following steps. Along the top line of the left wing, draw another line, but a little longer. Do the same with the right wing. Also, draw a bump in the middle of the new line. On the left side of the circumference of the head, draw a beaked eagle . Separate the neck line from the body. Draw the bottom outline of the tail.
      4. Refine all outlines of the bird: In this step, we need to more precisely define the outlines of the wings and the head of the eagle. Erase unnecessary contour lines from the drawing with the eraser. In the lower part of the body, mark the location of the legs of the eagle and, based on the original marking of the wings, draw a few long feathers on both sides. Draw the outline of the beak and draw a "hook" near it - the initial outline of the eagle's eye.
      5. Finish drawing the wings: Now we need to zigzag the wing and tail feathers. Next, divide the plan of each wing into several parts. The biggest separation will be the lower part of the wing. The need to pull the eagle's tail feathers is about the same. In the eye contour , draw a small circle and remove from it a short straight line to the right.
      6. Shading the drawing with a soft pencil  : In the last step, shade the drawing of the eagle with simple pencils of different softnesses (marks). Make the wings almost black , only occasionally making small holes in the wings. These gaps will show off the feathers that shine in the sun. On the head of the eagle, draw small feathers. The drawing of an eagle will look very beautiful if you draw mountains or the sky in the background, but with colored pencils.

       Draw an eagle perched on a branch

      1. Draw the outlines of the eagle's head and body . For the head, make a circle, for the neck - a vertical quadrilateral, and for the body - a large oval. For the beak, you can use a quadrilateral attached to the head, and attached to it - an oblique triangle.
      2. Draw the outline of a branch below the oval.
      3. Now make two smaller ovals on the branch. These will be the legs of the eagle. Make the tail by drawing a rectangle under the body.
      4. Draw the details of the head, such as eyes and feathers.
      5. Also trace the feathers on the eagle's body .
      6. Add claws to the legs .
      7. Make tail feathers .
      8. Erase the lines you don't need and color them as you wish.

      Draw a cartoon eagle

      1. Draw an oval for the head .
      2. Draw an inverted triangle with a small circle on the side for the beak.
      3. Draw a large oval with the top wider than the bottom for the body. Now make the legs by drawing two small ovals underneath.
      4. Connect the head to the body using two curved lines.
      5. Make a triangle for the right wing and a large trapezoid for the left wing.
      6. Draw a series of ovals for the legs . Make sharp lines at the ends of the ovals for the claws.
      7. Draw an irregular trapezoid under the body to make the tail.
      8. Based on the guidelines, draw the tail, beak, and eyes . Complete with pointed lines at the bottom.
      9. Based on the guidelines, complete the body and legs, clarifying where necessary and adding details.
      10. Complete the wings and tail following the directions. Draw curved lines inside and at the ends of the wings to simulate feathers.
      11. Delete lines that are not needed.
      12. Color the eagle !

      Draw an eagle easily in 15 steps:

      • 1st step :
      • 2nd Step:
      • 3rd Step:
      • 4th Step:
      • 5th Step:
      • 6th Step:
      • 7th Step:
      • 8th Step:
      • 9th Step:
      • 10th Step:
      • 11th Step:
      • 12th Step:
      • 13th Step:
      • 14th Step:
      • 15th Step:

      What to keep in the end



      The drawing of the eagle is not so difficult to perform. If you are already a fan of this art, you must get away with it after reading this. You will also need to bring a little of your imagination to personalize your artistic work. We hope you will benefit from these writings.

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