How to Draw a Polar Bear ?

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Children love teddy bears and drawing. That's why today we want to teach you how to draw a polar bear.

Among small children, especially among little girls, teddy bears are very popular. They are adorable, full of life and make you want to hug them. So you want to hug and cuddle them.

Every child certainly has one or more teddy bears. They keep them on walks and stay with them at breakfast. They drag them to bed at night. Whether it's polar bears or brown bears, children prefer them. The same goes for big and small bears, cubs, pandas....

Girls like to watch shows and comics about these animals. They also listen to tales and stories about mice. One day, after watching the cartoon series about Bernard the polar bear, the girl will beg her mother to teach her how to draw a polar bear. At first glance, the task is simple. Take your pencil and we will explain in detail in our article how to draw polar bears.



Polar bears, also called polar bears or panda bears, are large mammals (carnivores) native to the Arctic areas. Together with Kodiak bears and elephant seals, they are the largest land carnivores. Polar bears occupy the first position in their food pyramid.

Ideally adapted to its environment. The polar bear is endowed with both fat and very thick hair to protect itself from the cold. The white of its coat guarantees the best possible camouflage on floating ice. Its black skin is used to preserve its body temperature. With a very short tail and small ears. The black and white bear has a rather small and thin head. It also has elongated limbs, sign of its adaptability to swimming.

Wapusk National Park, located in Manitoba, Canada, is known as a polar bear paradise. Indeed, this park represents one of the most favorable places to see these bears in their universe. This is especially true in the fall, when they wait for the waters of Hudson Bay to freeze over to hunt seals.

The polar bear is sometimes seen as a species of semi-aquatic marine mammal. Its survival depends mainly on the presence of pack ice and marine biodiversity. The bear practices both land and marine hunting. Its lifespan varies between 15 and 30 years.

Number of individuals: polar bear

According to the estimates of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), polar bears number about 26,000 individuals. It considers it a vulnerable species (VU) because of global warming and consequent habitat disruption. In 2015, Morten Jørgensen instead concluded that the main threat to the polar bear is hunting. This threat is much greater than that of climate change and estimated its population to be less than 20,000 individuals.

A very charismatic animal, the polar bear has an important cultural impact on the Inuit. Indeed, the survival of the Inuit still relies on its hunting. The bear has also marked its presence in modern culture. It is represented by the Knuts, in art through the sculpture of polar bear made by François Pompon.


How to draw a polar bear. This section will help you if, as a beginner artist, you don't yet know how to draw this animal easily. Look at a cartoon, manga or consult the manual for young children or adults. Indeed, it is possible to draw it using the minimum of tools. It is paper, an eraser and a pencil. We will gradually teach you how to draw this teddy bear easily.

This animal is far from easy to pose when the artist decides to draw it. So, it is interesting to show the children photographs or videos. These will allow them to clearly observe the silhouette of the polar bear and its movements. This will make it easier for you to imagine an image in your head when drawing a polar bear. You can represent the drawing by outlining, redrawing on the paper the course you have already seen. This method will allow you to draw not only a polar bear, but also different animals in several steps.

It is important to tell stories about these wonderful animals to your daughter. For example, you can tell her about the places where they live, their food and other things. You can tell her about the reasons for the brown color of the forest animals. The same goes for the white color of polar animals. Indeed, the drawing lesson combined with a fascinating story is doubly beneficial for the child.

Drawing tools

We have chosen to draw a polar bear. To do this, we advise you to bring the items we absolutely need. These are:

  • A sharpened pencil: The best would be to use pencils that are more or less hard. For example, a soft pencil is ideal for blending.
  • A sheet of paper: Children who are beginning to learn how to draw will need to use a sheet of medium-grain paper. This will be easier to handle and more flexible for little artists.
  • An eraser: The softer the eraser, the more likely it is to erase the unsuccessful parts of the bear's drawing if it fails the first time. The best way to do this is to use a wand, for example, to erase the original lines. However, a piece of paper twisted into a cone shape can also be used for this purpose. For some children, the erasing process will be more interesting if you use the back of your hand or your fingers.
  • Patience: Drawing a bear bit by bit requires children to be very patient. Therefore, drawing a bear is an ideal exercise for children who are unable to sit still for a minute. So how do you go about it?

First step: draw the base

Here is a classic method, then we will show you a technique with images. First, we draw three circles: two big ones (which will be the silhouette of the little bear) and one smaller one, at some distance from the silhouette which will be the head. Now we connect these large circles together with two soft lines. In the third line, draw the front paw of the little brown bear.

Step 2: Draw the head

In the second step, it will be the turn to draw the head. From the top of the nose, draw a sinuous line made up of three undulations. From the neck, we draw a long horizontal line, slightly concave. The neck leads directly to the front legs.

The head and body of the brown bear are gradually attached to the outline of the paws. In a smaller circle, we draw an irregular rectangle that represents the face of the polar bear.

Step 3: How to draw a face?

Now we draw these ears. On the head of the bear, we draw two semicircles, a small line will mark the place where we will draw the eyes.

One of the two ears is located at the level of the eyes, in the form of a small double circle. The second is almost invisible. It has the shape of a small triangle protruding from the back of the teddy's skull. The two ears must be at the same level.

Fourth step: the jaw

We must mark the mouth and jaw of the little bear. For this, we draw a small curved line very slightly below. Then we draw the tail in the form of a thin triangle in the back.

You should try to paint as easily and barely touch the paper with the pencil. This will make it easier in the future to erase additional outlines.

Fifth step: the bear's paws

Now let's draw the back paws. As the bear moves, the back leg is resting on its toes and this leg is raised. A little further from this back line, let's draw the second hind leg. It is hidden under the first one, so that it is not quite visible.

Finally, let's draw the last limb. This one is away from the neck and is drawn exactly like the neighboring leg. All that's left are small details. Draw a small arc around the hind leg that looks like the horse's shoe turned inside out. This is the tail.

This drawing is almost finished. It remains only to better delineate the legs. We need to add some claws on the legs and draw the wool.

Sixth step: coloring

In this very last part, we will learn how to color the drawings. For the coloring of the drawing of our little polar bear. We can use colored pencils, felt pens, brushes or pencils. If you have one of these tools, you can start coloring.

To avoid missing the color, color in one direction. Either color from top to bottom, right to left or vice versa.

Be creative and choose as few colors as possible to make your drawings cute. To make coloring easier, you can cut your drawing into several parts.

Final touches

If there are extra lines, clean them up with an eraser and shift the main thicker lines. Now all you have to do is add volume to your bear and make it look real with the hatching. Paint a little above the nose and above the belly with a simple pencil. Completely erase the shadows, the front and back paws that are in the background.

The resulting drawing, done with the children, can be hung on their bedroom wall. You can also paint the bear before making it, using colors such as gray and yellow to represent polar bears.

To further improve your drawing skills you can watch one drawing video tutorial a day. Indeed, by watching these tutorials your drawing skills will completely improve making all your future drawings cute. If you are going to do more animal drawings watch manga or comic books.

Draw with pictures of our polar bear

1) Start by drawing the nose.


 2) Then draw the bear's nose.


3) Next, draw the bear's head.


4) Then draw the bear's eyes.


5) Then draw the ears of our polar bear.


6) You must then draw the body of the bear.


7) Then take the opportunity to draw the front paw of the bear.


8) Next, draw the second front paw of the polar bear.


9) Draw now the belly of our dear animal.


10) Now draw the first back leg of the bear.


11) Now you can draw the last leg of the animal.


12) Draw the bear's tail.


13) Color the polar bear white.



Now you know how to draw a polar bear. You can pass on your knowledge to the people around you. If someone asks you how to draw polar bears, you will be able to describe in detail the whole process of creation.

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